Anxiety In A Dog

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Signs of anxiety in a dog

There are number of things which we have to jot down before explaining the specific signs of anxiety in dogs. For instance, the dog’s trepidation signs are different for one breed than that of another. The breed factor actually determines that how your dog will react to the environment or any other situation, and what signals will it give to us.

Second, significant thing is the age. E.g. just like human kid; a puppy has different signs then that of any adult or much older dog. Lastly, how often is your dog repeating those signs.

Look out for the following signs of anxiety in our dog:

1: Destructive behavior: if your dog is refusing to eat its favorite food or do not pay heed to whatever you are telling it to do that it must be alert sign for you. The dog might be giving you a signal that it has some sort of interest that is badgering it.

2: Constant Shacking: If you dog is acting nervous or making haphazard moments unnecessarily that it could be because of anxiety. The important factor of consideration here should be whether the signals are prolonged or recently developed. As for some dogs it could be a normal thing to roam like crazy.

3: Loud sound: If your dog is yelling, growling or barking like for no visible purpose then it must serve as a signal that it has something in it which is causing the loudness.

4: More than normal sniffing: Dogs do sniff for a purpose, but if your dog is sniffing the ground or

5: Yawning: This tells that it’s not getting proper sleep and may be because of it; the could develop anxiety. Watch out for your dog if it yawns for days and days. Do not hesitate to contact any veterinary in your locality or you may check the dog sleeping schedule yourself. Try to find the reason on as soon as possible basis.

Pay attention to body language of your dog

6: Excessive blinking: Blinking is normal in dogs. But if the blinking itself is more than normal than it is the sign of a great depression inside your dog. Research tells that it is one of the appearing signs that your pet has serious anxiety issue.

7: Moon crested eyes: When you see the whiteness of your dog’s eyes greater than normal. It may be because of any stress it has faced recently.

8: Regular illness: If your dog is getting ill every other day than it could be a result of depression. The dog may faint because of it as well.

9: Tapping out: if your dog constantly lying on its back side and showing its stomach then it could because tension.

10: Standing still for minutes: While walking normally, if your dog stands and think of something then it must serve as a signal for stress in dog.

11: Other Physical signs: Detectable signs like paw lift, lip licking, pinned ears, or sweating paws may be a result of stress

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