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Rottweiler attack bite

Recently, owning a dog has become the new thing in town. Today, almost every home has a dog as a pet. You would ask why the sudden move. Well, for starters, dogs are one of the few friendliest pets you can ever have around. Their playful nature makes them fun to have around. According to psychologists, it’s advisable for patients with mental disorders to have dogs in the houses. The recommendation is because dogs are known for their calming nature. Their cheerful nature is an excellent calming dose after a tiring day in the office. Rottweilers also make great Service and Therapy dogs.

Rottweilers are a great investment

Besides, Rottweilers can be used as a protective measure. They are known to be loyal to their masters and are willing to do anything to ensure that no enemy comes in the way of their masters. When it comes to protection, Rottweilers are second to none! Many people have an assumption that guard dogs are those that bark and growl to any strangers that come in the way of their masters. Some people invasion a good guard dog breed is one that barks at everything and everyone. Well, if you fall into this category, you’re in the wrong. 

There is what we call a ‘confident guard dog,’ and that doesn’t match many people’s assumption. The Rottweiler breed, for example, is one of the few dogs, perhaps needing a little training, can turn into a confident guard dog. Is this type of dog suitable as a guard dog? This is one question that I find many people asking. Consider a Rottweiler as a Great Protection Dog

A Rottweiler has one of the strongest bites (about 330 pounds per square inch) making it one of the best dog breeds for protection. 

It seems as if many people misjudge the dog out of its build nature and strong character. Well, with its appearance, it can be somehow scary to handle. But, with proper training, you can tap into the dog’s powerful features for your protection. Big, strong, confident, intelligent, and loyal. What else could you ask for? Ready for a Rottweiler?

When it comes to adopting a Rottweiler for your protection, it’s advisable to pick one from a reputable breeder. Choosing a perfect breeder ensures that you get a dog that understands the basics and thus making it easy to train it on how to live amongst people. 

When it comes to training a guard dog, there are several steps involved. All the procedures are focused on ensuring that your dog remains friendly and only act upon your command. The Rottweiler will also natural protect you and your property. Training doesn’t mean spending too much cash to get the dog in the game. It comprises of procedures that you can even perform by yourself. Having a Rottweiler as a family pet he/she will most likely naturally offer a great element of protection without bite training. So, Without saying much, here are ways on how to train your new Rottie into something that will be there for you during an attack. 

1. Consider its social life

A dog barking at any stranger doesn’t reveal its protective nature. That tells how coward it’s with the outside world. A well-trained dog is often quiet and acts upon your command. The essential part of raising a guard dog includes considering its social life. It’s advisable to bring the dog with you more often when stepping out. Be it your morning runs, tagging the dog along helps improve its social skills.

Exposing the dog to the world enables it to learn that not everyone and everything isn’t an enemy. A dog that is taken out more often finds it easy to co-exist with new faces without posing as a threat. Therefore, even if you find yourself occupied, you can always ask for the services of a dog walker who will walk the dog around as you should have done. The best guard dog breed doesn’t have to be a mean breed. Rottweilers are loyal, loving, and natural protective. We have to fine tune those senses by spending time with the dog. 

2. The best guard dog breed still has to be trained.

Imagine having a disobedient Rottweiler with a defiant character. Owning such a dog can put the people around you at risk. Besides, it’s an unruly character that can cost you a hefty sum of money as you will be spending money solving cases with neighbors the dog attacked. You must, therefore, take your time to train the dog how to be submissive and listen to every command.

Training your dog on how to be obedient can take some time, but it worth the chase as it’s what results in a good guard dog. You must know that dogs such as the Rottweiler are intelligent and can quickly learn simple commands such as sit, stand, and stay. You can, therefore, search for tactics on how to instill those commands in your newly-acquired dog. By following the borrowed tricks, you may end up with a more obedient dog than you could expect.

3. Reward the dogs for a good job

Like it’s with humans, dogs need to be spoiled with rewards and treats now and then. Appreciating the dogs for their effort makes them more obedient as compared to the past. Besides, the awards help increase the love between the dog and the giver. By boosting the closeness, it makes it easy for the dog to serve you as a servant and thus listening to every command you have to utter. The rewards may comprise of things such as a pat on the back, or its favorite treat. Even though your Rottweiler makes a great guard dog you shouldn’t just treat it like a tool but treat it as a pet

4. Consistency is the key to everything

All the training offered to the best guard dog breed may go into waste if you fail to be consistent. As a dog owner, you must ensure that you repeat the commands during regular days. This consistency ensures that every word you will utter sticks inside the dog’s head. In the long run, the repetition can lead to a well-behaved Rottweiler you can ever come across.

5. Deal with the bad behavior

Dogs, unlike humans, have some corrupt practices which are based on their breed. Most of these behaviors can be annoying to the dog owner. But, this doesn’t mean that you throw away your newly-acquired Rottie. There is something you can do, and which involves dealing with bad behavior. For example, a Rottweiler is known for its herding character, which can be annoying. You can combat such habits by stopping the dog whenever it starts to act like it is herding. The process may take a while based on the fact that the practice is the dog’s way of dominance. But, if you value your pet, you can be patient with it. Barking constantly all day or night long is a bad behavior that needs to be stoped early on in the dogs life. A good guard dog doesn’t always need to be heard.

6. Bite-training

Bite training is the last and most crucial part of training a guard dog. The practice involves training your Rottweiler on how to bite and hold onto an enemy. When it comes to bite-training, it’s advisable to hire the services of trained personnel to do the job. There is nothing risky then training your dog how to bite, wrongly.


You must have in mind that a guard dog is meant to prevent an enemy from reaching you. By stopping an attack, it means holding the enemy and not killing. If not properly trained, a Rottweiler, with its energetic body can lead to severe attacks, and which can see you sentenced in court while you were the victim. Again, you don’t want a mean dog you want a well trained family pet that is more than capable of inflicting great damage to an unwanted intruder. Also, you can train your Rottweiler for agility

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