Shipping Rottweiler Puppies

Mississippi Rottweilers – Puppy Pickup, Meeting, & Shipping Options Our Promise: Safe, Fast, Hassle Free & Cost Effective As Possible. You can come to our designagted location and pick the puppy up. Most Popular: MS Rottweilers can Hire a USDA Registered, Safe & Fast Puppy Shipper that can deliver directly to your door. Cost: $250 – $400 depending on distance.

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Long Snout VS Short Snout Of A Rottweiler

Long snout vs short snout of Rottweiler The Rottweiler dog’s origin is from Germany. A well breed of Rottweiler dog is well suited to be a companion, service, rescue and a working dog. This breed of dogs is all about balance, endurance, proportionality, intelligence and strength. The general appearance of the ideal Rottweiler is a

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Big Puppy Paws Big Dog?

Judge how big a Rottweiler puppy will get by the size of its paws? A larger breed like Rotties needs big feet to support height and a heavier build and also typically, a puppy’s paws tend to be proportional to its overall size. Therefore a Puppies paws can be taken as one indicating factor of

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Rottweiler puppy for sale, male born 07-22-19


 ROTTWEILER EYES A medium size shining, almond shaped which is dark in color is the eye of a Rottweiler. They also have tight fitting lids. When Rottweiler has round eyes and hairless lids it indicates a sign of problem. Their eyes should lie between 10 to 15 degree angles above the bridge of the nose. 

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 ROTTWEILER TONGUE Tongue unlike Rottweiler other dogs and living things possess this organ. It is an important organ that dogs use in licking and panting. The tongue is a long, versatile and muscled organ which is attached to the back of the mouth by the basihyoid bone. The upper part of the tongue is covered

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Rottweiler Heat Cycle

Dogs heat cycle A female Rottweiler can become pregnant around 6 month of age but most common 9 months. They are not sexually mature until closer to 18 months. Therefore it is highly recommend not to breed a Rottweiler or any other dog until after their 2nd heat cycle. Breeding a mentally immature dog will

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Male or Female Dog : Which Makes the Best Pet?

Male or Female Dog : Which Makes the Best Pet. Pups don’t remain doggies for long. They grow up quick, so you truly need to consider the difference between male and female dogs once they arrive at growth. There is little dissimilarity between a male and a female doggie at about two months old. By

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Heartworm Prevention In Rottweilers

Heartworm in Dogs and How to Prevent Heartworm Heartworm disease is a genuine ailment that outcomes in serious lung disease, cardiovascular breakdown, organ harm, and passing in pets, fundamentally dogs, felines, and ferrets. It is brought about by a parasitic worm called Dirofilaria Immitis. The worms are spread through the mosquito. The dog is the

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Parvo In Rottweilers

Symptoms and Prevention of Parvovirus in Rottweiler The Parvovirus is a contagious and deadly disease, affecting generally young doggies.  So as to comprehend the Parvovirus explicitly, it is essential to have fundamental information on the infection.  Common bacteria associated with infection are Salmonella, Clostridia, and Campylobacter species. Parvoviruses are little, tiny organisms littler even than microbes. They depend totally on their host cell,

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guard dog breeds for new owners

The Best Guard Dogs For Families

An article on best breed of guard dogs, guard dogs that are good with families and first time owners. For as long as dog and human cohabit together, humans have depended on dog for protection. What is a guard dog? A guard dog is used to protect properties such as home, live stock from thieves,

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