Rottweiler Puppy Sleeping on Blanket Outside

Runt? Your Pick Of The Litter!

When you see a litter of puppies are you usually drawn to the runt of the litter? Have you ever heard they grow to be the biggest? You may be asking yourself, “Is it a bad idea to get the runt of the litter?” The article below includes all essential details about runts. Let’s go

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rottweiler with tail

Rottweiler Tails: To Dock Or Not To Dock?

Tail docking has raised some major controversies alongside similar procedures like ear cropping, debarking and dewclaw removal. What exactly is tail docking and why do some people do it to their dogs? Tail docking is a surgical procedure in which a breeder or veterinarian removes a portion of an animal’s tail. Usually when they are

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Rottweiler walking on leash

Tug Of War? Teaching A Rottweiler To Walk On A Leash

How to Train A Rottweiler To Walk On A Leash? Probably, your Rottweiler puppy is the loveliest thing you can find on this planet. Right now, he might be a tiny, cute baby that keeps on following you everywhere in the yard and starts wagging his tail right when he sees you.  Well, as he

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therapy dog

Rottweilers Make Better Therapy Dogs

Before going to details, first, we should know what a therapy dog is? A therapy dog is a dog with his owner that does work as a volunteer such as in schools, hospitals, nursing homes or with ill persons. A therapy dog is meant to bring psychological or physiological therapy to other people besides the

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Can Rottweilers Be Service Dogs?

Rottweilers are excellent animals to have; especially for families, but this breed is frequently misinterpreted. The majority of people consider this breed as being challenging or vicious, and this preconception has actually triggered discrimination on this breed for many years. The reality is that any pet dog can be vicious if not raised correctly.  Their impulse is to

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Rottweiler with white spot on chest

Why Do Some Rottweilers Have A White Spot On The Chest?

The Rottie’s Hereditary Origins The white hairs on a Rottie chest comes from the Bernese mountain dog and higher Swiss mountain dog, which were crossbred with mastiff-type pet dogs to develop the first Rottweiler canine. These pets had white chests; as such, so do some modern-day Rottweilers. AKC mentions that rust or mahogany markings should

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Big Rottweiler living inside apartment

Can A Rottweiler Live Inside Apartments Or Small Houses?

In spite of what many people think of Rottweilers, they are extremely friendly canines. They enjoy being with and around their owners and members of their family. Living in a home makes it much easier for them and also for you. Living inside can help with reduce stress and anxiety in your new puppy. Does

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rottweiler puppy at vet

Rottweiler Puppy Health Care: What You Must Know

Rottie pups are no doubt some of the most attractive things on earth. Caring for a new puppy is necessary for all dog owners for the proper growth and disease free puppies. Prevention is key to having a healthy, long living pet. Here below is some recommend advice so your new companion can reach its

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giant rottweiler

Benefits Of Spaying or Neutering A Rottweiler Puppy

A USA Today (May 7, 2013) article cites that pets who live in the states with the highest rates of spaying/neutering also live the longest. According to the report, neutered male dogs live 18% longer than un-neutered male dogs and spayed female dogs live 23% longer than unspayed female dogs. The report goes on to

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male rottweiler

Canine Hip Dysplasia And The Rottweiler

“Charlie is self-confident, intelligent, and socializes quite well, a loving and devoted companion. An extremely energetic and playful dog, Charlie loves keeping pace alongside myself whenever I’m out for a run, or for a long hike in the woods or mountains. My Rottweiler has been my greatest companion in the last couple of months. He

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