pet insurance

7 Tips for Choosing a Right Dog Insurance

Dog insurance is a very important thing as it is a way to protect you from unexpected costs that you might need to pay in the future for your dog. Dog insurance can save a lot of your money.  But, choosing the right dog insurance is important as if you don’t do that, then you

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Dog Breeds That Lives the Longest

Ever wonder which Dog Breed lives the longest? Probably the best indicator of a long, upbeat dog life is the nature of care gave to the pooch, yet there are different variables that become possibly the most important factor, especially the canine’s breed.  Here is a rundown of the 10 dog breeds that live the

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calm dog

Anxiety In A Dog

Signs of anxiety in a dog There are number of things which we have to jot down before explaining the specific signs of anxiety in dogs. For instance, the dog’s trepidation signs are different for one breed than that of another. The breed factor actually determines that how your dog will react to the environment

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hookworm in puppy

Can Worms Stunt The Growth Of A Dog?

Worms can stunt the growth of a puppy! When we were kid our parents use to tell us that if we do not wash our hands properly that we get worms. This is probably true. Because human parasites are result of dirty hands or dirty food we take in (usually not very cleaned fruits). Does

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narrow dog

What Causes Sudden Weight Loss In Your Dog

Causes of weight loss in your dog The erratic weight loss could because of various reasons. Obviously, our dogs cannot tell us about their issues directly so we have to decipher it ourselves. There are certain causes which are controllable if identified at earlier stages & other are unfortunately beyond our controls. Some controllable causes

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dog in the woods

What To Do If Your Dog Gets Lost

1: Technology has helped pet owners to overcome this issue significantly in recent years. Microchipping dogs for a lifetime would better help you track down your dog in case it gets lost. 2: Start you search from the places where you have taken your dog regularly. Thoroughly search every nook & corner of your house

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dog sleeping

How many hours a day do dogs sleep?

How many hours in a day does a dog sleep? The dog life cycle is almost similar to that of human being. Like, they are mammals, and experiences almost the same phases like us. Just like human they have schedule for everyday and off course a night schedule to sleep. The only difference is that

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dog In grass

Why Do Dogs Rub Their Butts On The Ground

Why do dogs rub their bottoms on the ground? A very common sight a owner may see is their dog rubbing their bottom on the ground. Which could be because of following reasons: 1: Anal gland: Most common cause for a dog to rub its but on the ground is because of a issue with

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wolfs like to howl

Why Do Dogs Howl

Why Do Dogs Howl? Why do Dogs Howl? Well, Dogs are naturally communicative creatures. As such, they communicate in many different ways, whether through vocal sounds or body language. Howling is one of how a dog communicates with others in their environment. An ancient method of communication, howling was and still is used by wolves

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Rottweiler Puppies For Sale In TX

Rottweiler Puppies for sale in Texas

Rottweiler Puppies for sale in Texas If you are looking or a Rottweiler Puppy In TX You have came to the right Place! We are here to help you find the perfect Rottweiler Puppy For sale in TX. Or we can sale you a puppy and deliver to you with little or no shipping charges.

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