Can A Rottweiler Live Inside Apartments Or Small Houses?

Big Rottweiler living inside apartment

Can Rottweilers live inside a small home with children? In spite of what many people think of Rottweilers, they are extremely friendly canines. They enjoy being with and around their owners and members of their family. Finding a good Rottweiler breeder is very important for the temperament of the dog.

Living in a home makes it much easier for them and also for you. Living inside can help with reduce stress and anxiety in your new puppy.

Does size matter?

First thing to note is that even small apartments are often big enough for you and a dog. 

Rottweilers are large dogs but they aren’t much different than keeping any other big or small dog inside the house. You will have to feed, water, and provide bathroom breaks for all breeds of dogs. 

Some apartment have areas designated for pets. These places allow the dog to use the bathroom and play with other dogs. It’s a great way to meet other people and socialize your dog. Just remember to keep your dog up to date with vaccinations.

Training Rottweilers to Live In Apartment or Condos

If you are moving from a big yard to a house with no yard the dog will adjust quickly. It will be different for them, but with a little patience and training they will thrive.

It’s a good idea to have one area in your apartment that can be appointed to your Rottweiler. In this designated location, your pet can chew on bones, play with toys, and so on. Crate training a puppy will help both you and the puppy in certain situations.

It will be essential for you to assist them in getting utilized to sounds around you. You understand that next-door neighbors can be loud. Most dogs don’t have a problem with this so if you need help check out some youtube videos.

Your Rottweiler will need to get used to other humans and dogs living in close quarters. Rottweilers sometimes are protective pets and do not get along with other animals. So, at first they may bark at the new sounds. This is ok, with time and proper training you will soon overcome all problems.

Try to develop a schedule for when you will go on walks or go to the park. Your Rottweiler will understand when he or she can anticipate those things if you set up a schedule. also, be mindful of grooming needs of a Rottweiler

What are the exercise requirements for Rottweilers?

Are you willing to take them to the park or long walk? It’s good for you and the dog.

Playing fetch with your dog is a great exercise even if its done inside a small home.

Rottweilers can live inside but they also enjoy running and playing outside

If your dog goes outside to potty then allow them a couple of minutes to run around. During this time they can get out some energy that may of developed from sitting inside the house.

You will naturally spend more time an inside dog and will have more time to play with them. You will learn how to care for a Rottweiler puppy here.

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