Dog Breeds That Lives the Longest

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Ever wonder which Dog Breed lives the longest?

Probably the best indicator of a long, upbeat dog life is the nature of care gave to the pooch, yet there are different variables that become possibly the most important factor, especially the canine’s breed. 

Here is a rundown of the 10 dog breeds that live the longest, along with their normal life expectancies. When all is said in done, littler dogs tend to live longer than their bigger partners, so you’ll see various petite pooches on this list!  

Rottweilers lifespan

Top champion Rottweiler

A Rottweiler Life Expectancy is about 10 Years


Females of this breed will, in general, live one year longer than their male partners, however, all Maltese little guys are relied upon to have long life expectancies since they experience the ill effects of not many genuine hereditary sicknesses. 

Normal life expectancy: 15 years 


The most seasoned realized Beagle lived in Virginia and passed on at the mature age of 27 of every 2009. 

Normal life expectancy: 15 years 

Australian Shepherd 

They are known for their great crowding capacity, insight, and high vitality — and they’re likewise one of the bigger canines on this rundown. 

Normal life expectancy: 15 years 

Shih Tzu 

These “lions” were darlings of the Chinese Ming Dynasty, and today they live long lives as buddy creatures all through the world. 

Normal life expectancy: 15 years 

Lhasa Apso 

The most seasoned Lhasa apso on record carried on an incredible 29 years and died in 1939. They’re known as great indoor guard dogs since they will, in general, be suspicious of outsiders. 

Normal life expectancy: 15 years 


This is a half breed — a cross between a Cocker Spaniel and a Poodle — yet their life expectancy must be acquired from their Poodle side, since Cocker Spaniels by and large just live somewhere in the range of 10 and 14 years. 

Normal life expectancy: 16 years 

Jack Russell Terrier 

These puppies are outstanding for their elevated level of vitality. Possibly that is the thing that props them up so long! 

Normal life expectancy: 16 years 

Toy Poodle 

All poodles and poodle blends have a genuinely long anticipated life expectancy, yet as the smallest of the gathering, toy poodles have the longest. 

Normal life expectancy: 16 years 


They are the second-longest living dog breeds. Chihuahua might be the littlest canine breed, yet they can likewise flaunt being one the longest-living, to a great extent since they are not inclined to any genuine hereditary diseases. They need some regular exercise in order to stay healthy and live for so long.

Normal life expectancy: 17 years 

New Guinea Singing Dog 

Haven’t you known about this breed previously? All things considered, that is likely in light of the fact that it is viewed as the world’s rarest dogs. This wild canine began in New Guinea and is known for its singing yell. Just around 100 live in bondage. Despite the fact that they are believed to be the crudest pooch in presence today, they are delicate and agreeable with people. The average life span of this dog is the longest life in comparison to other dogs.

Normal life expectancy: 21 Years

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