How cold is too cold for a Rottweiler?

Rottweiler in snow

Can Rottweiler’s handle cold weather?

Rottweilers can handle cold weather better than most of the dogs, his black, double coat was developed to keep him warm.

Most dogs that belong to cold climates have a thicker coat. But Rottweilers, despite their short coat can stand the cold quite well.

Rottweiler’s can handle temperature higher than 20 degrees safely. They have outer coats that isolate and keep them dry. However, Rottweiler’s should not be kept in extremely low temperatures.

When the winter comes closer, we want to be prepared for the cold that awaits us. But, what about our dogs? Knowing how to take care of your Rottweiler when temperatures are more extreme is very important.

So, do Rottweiler’s get cold in the winter? Rottweiler is native to Germany which means that they have a good strength to bear cold weather. Of course, you should examine the temperature before leaving them outside. Severe cold temperatures can be unbearable for Rottweiler’s. It also depends on the dog’s breed. Dogs whose parents are native to Germany will be able to handle the cold better.

Rottweiler’s in cold weather

Rottweiler’s have an inherent ability to withstand extreme cold. This is because they are native to Germany. The temperature there only reaches 70 degrees Fahrenheit in the summer. 

Dogs that are born and raised in cold temperatures can handle extreme weather better. If your Rottweiler and its parents were not born in Germany, they cannot handle the extreme temperature.

They do have the ability to thrive in colder temperatures. But since they were not exposed to the extreme cold, they won’t be able to survive for long.

Rottweiler’s actually really like being outside in the cold. They were bred to be working dogs that can bear especially cold weather. If they are given the option to play outside or stay inside, they will most likely choose to stay outside. 

Rottweiler has coats that are dense and solid which acts as isolation against any extreme temperatures. This is why this breed drops the coat twice a year. They grow a new coat for the upcoming season change. Their coat grows back thicker. 

How Cold Is To Cold

You must watch the temperature while your Rottweiler is outside though. Rottweilers handle cold weather Temperature above 40 degrees Fahrenheit is just fine, but once it gets below then you should pay more attention. You must keep an eye on your Rottweiler and make sure they aren’t out for too long. 

Once the temperature drops beneath 20 degrees, it can get pretty dangerous. Your Rottweiler shouldn’t spend too much time outside in these temperatures. 

These numbers all refer to cold, but dry climates. Snow or rain can change everything. Rain or snow should be observed because moisture can make your Rottweiler’s body temperature lower. 

You should understand that as your Rottweiler gets older, he won’t be able to bear the cold as well. A dog’s ability to withstand extreme temperatures decreases as they grow older.

A young Rottweiler in its prime will be able to handle extremely cold weather. But as he grows older, you will need to take extra care of him.

Similarly, puppies cannot handle extreme weather either. If your dog is young, you will need to keep it warm in the winters. It is best to avoid taking puppies out in the cold. But should you need to, keep them covered.

How do I keep them warm

If your dog lives indoors, you won’t have to make several changes to their diet and living arrangements. Centralized heating should do the trick in keeping your Rottweiler comfortable through the winter.

Indoor Rottweiler’s food usually remains the same throughout the year, so there is no reason to change it in winter either


Temperature change for Rottweiler owners who keep their dogs indoors is not a big deal. Such dogs are not as affected by changes in external temperatures, as they spend most of their time in a comfortable indoor setting, and only go outside for regular walks.

For Rottweiler’s living outdoors, you will need to make quite a few changes. Starting with changes to their diet and living arrangements.

Rottweiler’s living outdoors shouldn’t be fed dog food during the cold weather. You should switch to a natural diet. You will also need to make provisions for water.

It is also wise to completely change your Rottweiler’s food during the winter months. They need a lot of liquids to maintain and warm their body temperature. You should switch to soup type liquid foods for winter months so they can get this extra liquid. 

They will also need more fats and proteins during the winter to keep them warm. If you already choose to feed your dog stew foods then you won’t need to change the diet much.

Exercise is essential for any Rottweiler’s lifestyle regardless of the temperature outside. 

Rottweiler tends to become overweight because of the way their body is built, so getting an adequate amount of exercise is super important. They should be outside doing physical exercise for at least 2 hours each day. 

This should include going on around 2 walks a day. If the weather is too cold that it hurts their paws to walk on the ground, you could look into getting some dog snow boots for them to use just while going on a walk. 

It is also a good idea to bring your Rottweiler inside before and after the walk so they have a chance to warm up after being out in the cold. 

Can Rottweilers handle cold weather

They should also still spend time outside with you playing and running around in a backyard or at a dog park. Being outside with your Rottweiler is a great way to tell if it is dangerous for him or her to be outside. If you are playing with your dog, and you start to get a little too cold for comfort, chances are that your Rottweiler isn’t enjoying the temperature either. At that point, it might be time for both of you to take a break inside. 

Tips for Cold Weather Outside Living

Remember these tips when wondering how best to take care of your Rottweiler during the winter months:

• Age is important, if they are too young or too old, keep them inside more.

• If it is too cold for you, it is probably too cold for your Rottweiler as well. If you are inside and your dog is out and he or she looks cold, bring him or her inside.

•Monitor their food, water, and shelter.

•Dry temperatures above 40 degrees are the safe zone, anything below that should be monitored.

•Don’t forget to exercise your Rottweiler during the cold months.

Keep these points in mind and your Rottweilers can handle cold weather just as good or better than other dogs. How hot is too hot?

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