How many hours a day do dogs sleep?

dog sleeping

How many hours in a day does a dog sleep?

The dog life cycle is almost similar to that of human being. Like, they are mammals, and experiences almost the same phases like us. Just like human they have schedule for everyday and off course a night schedule to sleep. The only difference is that they take more rest that us to recover the energy they have lost because of their agility. So how many hours do dogs sleep? Well, it actually depends on breed, the size, age, or other similar factors that how much a dog would need to rest so that it can work fine the other moment.

Usually, Puppies and older dogs sleep more. A pup of average breed would be sleeping anywhere between 16 to 20 hours out of 24 hours. The night sleep for puppies is about 7-8 hours and it is very likely they may wake up during night for feeding purposes as well. As it grows, their sleep reduces because of reasons like developed organs, energy and other physiological requirements. Adult dogs usually sleep 13 to 14 hours a day and major portion like 8 to 9 hours of it during the night. When they become old, they tend to sleep like puppies. They lack energy so they sleep more during the day and night. Older dog of average breed would sleep between 17-19 hours a day and much of the sleep is reserved for the night.

Should you let your dog sleep in the room with you?

The sleep pattern of any dog depends on the weather, level of activity and any diseases it is facing. Research shows that dogs also love to sleep during better season when they do not want to do anything special. If your dog is something which has better inclination towards cold weather than it would sleep on average one to two hours more than normal during freezing temperatures. On the hand, if it is a dog of warm weather than it would sleep more during the weather it likes.

Additionally, if your dog went out for hiking or long walk then it would draw all the energy from it and it would make it so tired that it will sleep more hours than normal. The other factor to understand in any sleep pattern of any dog is whether it actually sleeps or not. Few dogs just lay down and do not sleep, they just close their eyes. Other times, they lay down on ground and prefer not listening to anything. Other times, they just feel drowsy and they just will give this feeling that they are either sleeping or planning for it. Lastly, their sleep during the night would help them more to regain all what they have lost in terms of barking, jumping and playing. The sleep during the day is less sensitive and even hair fall may sometime wake them up

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