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   DOG PARKS IN Louisiana 

A dog park is a park creates for dogs to exercise and play off-leash in a maintained and controlled environment with the supervision of their owners. With a dog park in Louisiana you have a healthier pet and improve quality of people life. Dog parks have different features. Although they offer a 4 to 6 fence, separated by a double gate entry and exit points, they possess an adequate drainage. Also, benches for humans, parking close to the site, water, shade for hot day. Sometimes you have to bring your own tools but others parks have tools in picking up and disposing animal waste in a covered trash cans. Dog parks in Louisiana may also offer wheel chair access, pound for swimming and a separate enclosure for small dogs. 

Before taking your dogs to a park you should considered the weather and the quality of the parks. When your dog is expose to hot weather symptoms of heatstroke includes restlessness, heavy painting, lack of appetite, vomiting, dark tongue, excessive thirst, lethargy and lack of coordination. Dehydration and overheating can cause a serious health issues. Therefore on hot days dogs must have access to water and should not be left to run and play for a long time. And in cold weather except for young puppies and old dogs, also the hairless dog or short haired dogs, the hairy dogs don’t notice the cold in winter.

We have the on and off leash dog parks, and some of this parks in Louisiana have both. Here are the best dog parks in Louisiana:

Pelican Bark Park, Mandeville, LA – this park is open daily from 7 am to 9pm. It’s complete with an array of entertainments in a town known for its love of dogs. At this park free mingling spot dogs of all breeds are welcome to roam around and meet others in a neutral environment. They have kiddies’ pools for water loving animals, dog shower stations, and ground level canine drinking fountains. And other attractions at this friendly park.

Norman Swanner Dog Park, Thibodaux, LA – this park is located in Thibodaux. It provides a recreational area for all the pups in the region. Normally this clean dog park is open daily and also includes doggie clean up as well as water stations. The square feet is 32, 000 in total with a separate area use for large and small dogs. For humans especially owners of dogs and staffs working, there is water fountains, benches and a large pavilion to relax. While the dogs are on the fields getting their energy out.

Pretty Acres Dog Park, Covington, LA – this park is perfect for a relaxed adventure which is open from dawn till dusk. Like its sister park, pretty acres dog park is smaller and more secluded than the pelican bark park. With same amenities it is known to be very well maintained, it has a separate areas for different sized dogs and possess a beautiful quarter mile walking trail that can be good for on or off –leash training. The park is one acre in size.

Nola City Bark, New Orleans, LA – this dog park lies in the beautiful scenery of the City Park in New Orleans. Separate play areas accommodate large and small dogs which have an array of toys. Nice groomed landscapes for each pet for a fun play place. The event lawn is where the action really goes down though the walking trail is also fun and a wash station. Which is also available after messy play times. They is also a shady pavilions which helps during the hot summer months along with the fountains water for the use of both dogs and humans as well. Before going they is need to register as this park is typically for registered members, though temporary day passes can be purchased by out of town customers.

Raising Cane’s Dog Park, Baton Rouge, LA – this park is located shortly after a drive from Louisiana state university between the campus and the garden district in greenwood Community Park in Baton Rouge. It have a separate areas meant for small and large dogs, this park has a big tree in the middle with the bench going all the way around making for ample seating. They are pavilions and oak trees which surround the park, this provide plenty of shade during hot summer and the dog water stations in keeping the puppies cool. This park play area is so large enough for all dogs to get plenty of play time in with others.

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Shreveport Dog Park – this 4- acre park is actually located right off the river in Shreveport in the stoner boat launches facility. It is easy in shopping and dining in the area, this par is also perfect for afternoon off. The city park is simply kept up by the city and contains plenty of restrooms for visiting owners. It also possess two separate areas especially for large and small dogs which are both fenced. The river front area has recently added a skateboard park, disc golf course and plenty more.

Kiroli Park, West Monroe, LA – the dog park is located in this great west Monroe park. It is run by raising canes, just like the one in Baton Rouge, but they are located in opposite sides of the state with a different settings. Kiroli Park is a smoke free environment with rules which require $50 – $100 fine for those not willing to follow or who break the rules. It is located under beautiful trees in the northwest part of the park. Adjacent to one of the ponds in the park is the dog area. The main features of raising cane’s dog park include two awesome waterfall ponds for water dogs to play in. Also with lot of bench space all around to rest as your dog is out.

Gretna Dog Park, Gretna, LA – this park is located on the west bank of Mississippi river, across from New Orleans is the Gretna dog park. This bark park is open from morning to night and is located in the back of the park. The fenced area has agility obstacle for dog, like a stairwell that goes up and down and also comprises of a play tunnel that dog can use in keeping shape. They are ample benches and parking place which make it conducive for owners who comes to the park. The agility obstacles are also great for on and off leash training. It uses two acre out of the 90 acre of Gretna City Park.

Lafreniere Bark Park, Metairie, LA – this park in January 2012, and provide a sanctuary for dogs in Jefferson parish. It open 1pm on Monday and Tuesday to Sunday is from dusk till dawn. It is divided into two areas for dogs over and under 22 pounds. They are strict to aggressive dogs which boast a carousel, disc golf course, health tracks, Marsh Island and more.

Additional Parks In LA

Other dog parks in Louisiana include the Burbank Dog Park, Brown Memorial Dog Park, Bonnabel Boat Launch Dog Park, Wisner Dog Park, Forest Dog Park, Hammond Dog Park and more. For dog parks in Mississippi.


  • Exercise – both the dogs and the owners get exercise, and this exercise keeps dogs behavior in check.
  • To learn more about his behavior
  • Socialization – parks help in making dogs of different breeds meet each others, which improve their loves for one another. To interact with other dogs help increase your dog social skills both with humans and the other dogs.
  • It reduce nervousness when walking him around the neighborhood
  • Studies have shown that dogs break down communication barriers between humans.
  • Dog parks allow owners and their dogs a space to play with others.
  • Roaming free is beneficial for dogs.
  • A dog park in Louisiana regulations differs from park to park; some are extensive and comprehensive.     
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