Louisiana Rottweiler Puppies For Sale

Rottweiler puppy for sale, male born 07-22-19

Rottweiler puppies for sale in Louisiana

If you are looking for a Rottweiler puppy for sale in Louisiana you have came to the right place! 

MS Rottweilers Deliver to Most parts Of Louisiana at little or NO charge. 

Louisiana is a state in the Southern region of the South Central United States. The state capital is Baton Rouge where We can meet and show you our Top Rottweiler Puppies Produced From our Rottweiler kennel, and the largest city is New Orleans. We can also meet In New Orleans and show you our German Rottweiler Puppies that are for sale in LA

Come See Rottweiler Puppies For Sale In LA

Rottweiler puppy for sale, female born 07-22-19

Firstly to buy Rottweiler puppies in Louisiana, you need to know their personality, their history, size, health and care for these breeds. These breeds are not recommended for first timer owners, they needs extensive and continuous socialization to be a good family companion. They have a life span of 8 – 10 years; stand 22 to 27 inches at the shoulder with a weight of 75 – 110 pounds, others up to 135 pounds. Feed them three times in a day with proper diet. Groom them every week since they are moderate shedders.

HISTORY OF ROTTWEILER and Puppies For Sale in Louisiana

They are said to have a possible history with the Roman Empire, a descendant of ancient drover dogs. They are one of the oldest of herding breeds, a mastiff type dog which is dependable, rugged dog with great intelligent and guarding instincts.  Rottweiler has it origin trace from the molossus; a mastiff-type dog and also maybe from the Italian mastiff. They accompany the Romans by herding cattle and protecting the farm land. According to study it was claim that if not for this Rottweilers, the Romans would never have survived the journey.

In addition to this, during the middle ages, Rottweilers were used as guard, herders and messenger dogs. Their name was derived from a German town called “Rottwell”, which means red tile after the farmed red tiled roof of the village. Initially Rottweilers drove cattle to town or market in Germany for butchering. Rottweiler nearly goes on extinct when rail transport replaced cattle drives. Some of the dedicated breeders saved these breed in the late 1800’s. Since then their appearance and character has changed. They make excellent police dogs. This does are considered as one of the oldest herding breeds. Contact us if you are looking for a reputable Rottweiler breeder Near Louisiana

They serve an important role in the First World War and Second World War when they were high demand for police dogs. Their service in these wars includes ambulance draught, messenger, and guard dogs.

TEMPERAMENT & Rottweiler Puppies For sale in LA

Are you looking for Rottweiler puppies for sale in Louisiana? These dogs are wonderful to have as a pet. You need to know that they are loyal, devoted, very intelligent, loving, and protective. Their meek nature along with the unique intelligence makes them an easy dog breed to house train. They are playful when they want, and wonderful for family. Rottweiler serves as a gentle member of the family and a serious protector of home. Many Rottweiler are dominant dogs, this might create problem if not dealt with from the early age.

Some of these dogs ten to be natural entertainers who enjoy playing, while others may be much more reserved and calm. So it is important to realize that there can be quite a lot of difference in the personality of this breed Rottweiler. Take them out to meet people and other dogs to enhance proper behavior around strangers.

TEMPERAMENT and why you should buy From Louisiana Rottweiler Breeder

OR one close by.. These positive temperament traits can be display due to early socialization and positive reinforcement training.

  1. Rottweiler are gentle
  2. Rottie are territorial
  3. Rots love to chew anything  they see
  4. They are very affectionate 
  5. Rottweiler are devoted and loyal

PRICES Cheap Rottweiler Puppies For Sale In Louisiana LA

Rottweiler puppies for sale in Louisiana vary in price. Although a great way to look at the price is to compare it family companion quality. For a cheap or average Rottweiler puppy with $850.00 you can purchase them from a puppy mill and the average price for a professional ethical breed is $1500.00. Buying an expensive Rottweiler puppy from Louisiana comes with warranty of their Health Certifications, Cost of breeding stock, Cost to produce the litter and the shipping cost. Some litter are much more expensive because of the bloodlines. Don’t get over charged check with us before you buy a German Rottweiler Puppy in LA


First, don’t forget to bring your Louisiana Rottweiler puppy to a dog park. When considering buying Rottweiler puppies from Louisiana you should know that they are two types of this breed: the well bred Rottie and the badly bred ones. Another factor considering the types of Rottweiler is the actual country in which they are born. That leads us to different kinds of Rottweilers, for examples, American Rottweiler, German Rottweiler, Roman Rottweiler, Rare Rottweiler (red, blue or albino), Tailed Rottweilers and Real Rottweilers. 


Rottweilers are prone t genetic health problems just as other dogs have the potential to develop this. To buy Rottweiler puppies you should be mindful of where you are buying and to any breeder who is not offering a health guarantee on puppies. Know that a good breeder will be honest and willing to to open up about health issues in the breed or possible problem that may occur in the future. Here are some of Rottweilers condition you should know before buying.

They are most common disease is hip dysplasia; this is form by a genetic deformity in which the head of the femur is not properly fixing into the hip socket. This condition can be mild or severe; it requires surgery when severe because of the sharp pain it cause. After surgery this dog develops arthritis as he ages. They also develop elbow dysplasia and osteochondrosis of the knee and should.

They develop heart problem, progressive retinal atrophy (PRA), eyelid deformities, and vision and eye problems.  Other health conditions includes; an inherited disease which affects blood clotting ability, hypothyroidis, fairy high rate of cancer and many more. Most of these conditions are not detectable in a growing puppy. Look into all this before buying Rottweiler puppies In Louisiana and after taking them home remember to protect it from one of the more common health conditions like obesity.

Also keeping this breed in an appropriate weight is one of the easiest ways to extend his life. An extra weight put pressure on the joint which contribute to the formation of hip dysplasia and arthritis, an ideal weight of a Rottweiler is 75 to 110 pounds. Exercise everyday and a proper diet to help ensure a healthy life.


  • Rottweilers easily put on weight and need couple of 10 – 20 minute walks daily.
  • They thrive when giving or have work to do.
  • Rotties are good as service dog, therapy dog, police dog and obedience competitor.
  • Rottweiler can be a wonderful companion with early training and socialization.
  • They are thinking dogs.
  • Rotties are sensitive and may experience separation anxiety.
  • They server as man best companion I term of exercise. 

To buy Rottweiler puppies in Louisiana they are places you can visit and things you must know. These include; 

  • A place you visit to buy your Rottweiler puppies in Louisiana is Slidell, Baton Rouge, New Orleans. We will be glad to meet in these locations.
  • Choose a Rottweiler breeder in Louisiana. 

   Rottweiler breeders in Louisiana should be able and willing to educate you on the choice of dog which is free from health issues. I will recommend looking for an ethical breeder instead of a puppy mill or a backyard breeder. Some of these breeders are in for money, it will be cost you in the future when you don’t buy from an ethical breeders. Here the ethical breeders will not sway to make extra money. They know the pedigrees, the temperaments, the health issues, and the diet for Rottweilers. They take their time in researching for proper pairing, proper testing which reduce health issues in the Rottweiler puppies they produce. Rottweiler Puppies For Sale In GA, Rottweiler Puppies IN TX

Possible way you can care for A Rottweiler Puppy for Sale in LA

  1. Going for dental check up
  2. DNA Testing
  3. Feeding healthy and proper food.
  4. Give lots of love and affections for the puppy.
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