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Miniature Rottweilers

Big dogs are great. (UPDATE We don’t have any miniature Rottweilers and we don’t currently have any planned litters.) They are nice to have around like a safety blanket, and they give great hugs. Yet, the world grows more urbanized by the day, and it has become more and more difficult for people to keep bigger dogs as a result. Rottweilers are rather large dogs and a favorite breed for many. The perfect compromise for some of these people would be a Rottweiler, but smaller in size and stature. Luckily, breeders have bred smaller Rottweilers using natural selection and other methods. These dogs are called miniature Rottweilers, and they look exactly like Rottweilers, except for being smaller than a regular full-sized Rottweilers. These provide the best compromise for people looking for a Rottweiler aesthetic without having to move into a larger house. Miniature Rotties are Also known as Pocket Rottie

Miniature Rottweilers for sale

Miniature Rottweiler extreme rottweiler puppy for sale

Through different methods of breeding, breeders have been able to achieve a smaller Rottweiler dog. Currently, being such a new novelty, these dogs are not very easily available. You might have to do your fair share of digging to find breeders selling these dogs. You might also do your research on the breeders selling these dogs and make sure they are accredited and have the necessary documents to prove so. There are safer ways to create a miniature Rottweiler, as well as unsafe ways, so be sure to read on to know which method your breeder should take if you choose to buy one of these puppies.

Origin of Miniature Rottweilers

The miniature Rottweiler is not yet recognized as an official breed by the AKC (American Kennel Club) This is because of how new the breed is, as well as the imperfect methods of making one. The Rottweilers themselves have been around for a very long time, being one of the oldest herding breeds ever. There have even been suggestions of the Rottweiler being around as they are now way back during Roman times. They also may have originated from Drover dogs, which were ancient herding and guard dogs in the times of the Roman conquest of Europe. Throughout history, the humble Rottweiler has been used in various roles. They have been used as guard dogs for medieval traveling butches, as cart-pullers for more modern butchers, as police dogs, messengers, and even ambulance dogs. The miniature Rottweiler originates from this kind of Pedigree.

Overview Of Miniature Rottweilers

Miniature Rottweilers look just like regular Rottweilers, but smaller. They are rather strongly built for their size. Their colors are usually black with some tan markings around the head, mouth, and paws. The breed, as are its ancestors the Rottweilers, is supposed to be a balance between intelligence and strength while being great companion dogs.

Miniature Rottweilers are usually anything from 30 to 60 pounds in weight, while standing just over a foot tall when fully grown. They have dark brown, brown or black eyes most of the time, with some exceptions occurring thanks to being a mixed breed. Their dual coats consist of an outer coat and an undercoat. The undercoat is usually not seen and maybe genetically selected out of the gene pool for those dogs that live in hotter areas of the world.

The topcoat is short to medium length and is usually straight. They are usually friendly dogs, though they also enjoy spending alone time. By no means does that mean that they are not friendly, as that would be quite contrary to the truth. Miniature Rottweilers are usually very friendly with humans and other dog breeds alike, though depending on the breeds their parents come from, may exert any degree of aggressive behavior.

Three types of Rottweilers & Miniature Rottweilers

There are three different ways for a breeder to create a miniature Rottweiler puppy. However, not all of these methods are safe, or even morally good. They are explained below.

Purebred Rottweilers but they have dwarfism

One of the ways of making miniature Rottweilers while keeping them purebred is dwarfism. Some Rottweilers are born with dwarfism and many breeders like to sell them as purebred miniature Rottweiler puppies. This is possible to do while still being truthful as there is no strict definition for the unofficial breed. These dogs come with the typical traits of dwarfism. They have larger heads that are out-of-proportion with their rather small bodies. They may not have a full set of teeth, may experience hair loss, have bulging eyes and have swollen bellies. Keeping one of these dogs is not recommended as they will be very expensive to keep, as they will have many health-related issues.

They will require expensive medication and surgery and may not even live as long as the average lifespan of most Rottweilers. A deficiency in growth hormones may also cause kidney problems and renal failure in these dogs. Look out for telltale symptoms of a Rottweiler with dwarfism as the breeder may not be inclined to tell you about it upfront as the future medical costs would leave you bankrupt. It is highly recommended to not take a miniature Rottweiler puppy that has dwarfism.

Purebred Rottweilers but bred from litter runts

From time to time we have runt puppies that we will sale as mini-rottweilers. If you are interested in a runt “mini Rottweiler” please let us know.

Another way to create miniature Rottweilers is to breed two runts of the litter from different parents. This, however, has a much smaller chance to make a proper miniature as runts that survive often grow up to be the same size as its siblings. These dogs are smaller than their siblings usually as they are born slightly weaker than their siblings and lose the struggle for milk, as its siblings start hogging the nipples of the mother. This lack of nutrition can lead the runt to become even smaller and weaker than the rest as they get a head start and become stronger and bigger. Even though most of these dogs can grow up into proper sized Rottweilers if cared for properly, some stay small.

These are the ones used to breed miniature Rottweilers. This is also not a great method of achieving a miniature Rottweiler for many reasons. For one, the recessive genes of the Rottweiler may not create undersized dogs after only one generation of breeding. Secondly, even if the breeder can successfully create miniature dogs, they might not be the healthiest dogs you’ll ever see. Runts have weaker health in general to their healthier counterparts and have to live with lifelong health problems in many cases. These puppies have weaker bones and skeleton and have a tougher time exercising. This makes them prone to being overweight. These dogs may also have a compromised immune system. In either case, be ready for a lifetime of medical expenses if you pick one of these.

Rottweiler mixes

Currently, the safest and healthiest miniature Rottweilers you can find are those that have a mixed lineage. Breeders often mix a Rottweiler with a Pug, Beagle or Chihuahua to produce a smaller version of the dog. The genetic diversity assures are better quality dogs with better health and this seems to be the smartest method to get a miniature Rottweiler. The most common mixed breeding to create a miniature Rottweiler is mixing Rottweilers with miniature Pinchers.

This lets the offspring keep the typical Rottweiler colors as both breeds are similar in that regard. The biggest difference between the two breeds is their vastly different sizes, as the Rottweiler is many times the weight of a Miniature Pincher. Rottweilers are often quite easy to train, but the miniature Rottweilers bred in this way are even more so. They also are smarter than the average Rottweiler. They also have a bit lower energy than their full-sized counterparts.

Other Rottweiler mixes include Siberian Husky Mix, Poodle mix, Labrador retriever mix, golden retriever mix, Cane Corso mix, Boston Terrier mix, doberman mix of corse you can’t get these mixes akc registered only ckc

Should I Buy a Miniature Rottweiler?

There are many different points of contention when it comes to wanting a miniature Rottweiler. Sure, they are very cute. But you need to know whether you can take care of their needs.

1.        Care for the pup

The miniature Rottweiler is certainly a very fun puppy to have, but they come with some challenges. You need to train the puppy as Rottweilers can be quite aggressive and it’s a trait not lost in the miniature versions. They are pretty easy to train though, so you need not use too much time on that. You must also help them socialize, with both humans and dogs. This means playtime, and taking the pooch to a dog park. The miniature Rottweiler also tends to shed, which means you’ll have to groom and bathe it.

2.        Health

The miniature Rottweiler, unless gotten through dwarfism or runt of the litter, should have fine health throughout its natural life. There may still be genetic deformities that you should always look out for. Other than that, and a monthly visit to the vet, you need not be bothered by your puppy’s health too much.

3.        Playtime and training

As stated before, the miniature Rottweilers require training just like their normal-sized counterparts. They are also very friendly and social dogs as long as you get them used to the idea of being around other people and dogs.

Price of the Miniature Rottweiler puppy

Since these miniature Rottweiler puppies are not officially recognized as a breed of its own, puppies of various quality and lineage may be sold at different price points by different breeders. In general, the average miniature Rottweiler bred from a Rottweiler and a miniature Pinscher will sell at $800-$1500.

Why Miniature Rottweilers are great to have, and why you should get one.

Miniature Rottweilers bring the best of both worlds to your home. You get a small, manageable dog for your urban home while getting a dog that’s also protective of you and will guard your home. They are great companion dogs, provided you train them right.

Watch out for these things before you buy one

1.        Breeder accreditation

As an unofficial breed of dog, the miniature Rottweiler’s quality may vary greatly. That’s why you need to find a renowned breeder and accredited to buy one of these puppies.

2.        Age of puppy

As a rule, you should never get a puppy that’s less than 7 weeks old. A puppy that is taken from its mother at such a young age has trouble with socializing and may face many health problems. This is especially noticeable in miniature Rottweilers as they need socialization to train them out of being aggressive.

3.        Weaned off of mother’s milk

The puppy you plan on getting should be weaned off of its mother’s milk by the breeder. If not, it is recommended to not take the puppy, as the breeder is either giving false statements for its age, or he’s incompetent in his role.

4.        Necessary vaccinations

Despite being a novelty, the miniature Rottweiler needs to get vaccinated as well. Make sure your breeder has provided necessary shots for the dog.

5.        Health issues

Always remember to learn if the puppy you are taking or its parents had any known health issues. This will help you in future diagnostics and visits to the vet.

6.        Return policy

Remember that return policy is crucial to have as the breeder could be lying about any number of things of the puppy. A return policy gets you the opportunity to return the puppy for a refund if its first trip to the vet shows you something that the breeder never mentioned to you.

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