Rottweiler puppy for sale, male born 07-22-19


A medium size shining, almond shaped which is dark in color is the eye of a Rottweiler. They also have tight fitting lids. When Rottweiler has round eyes and hairless lids it indicates a sign of problem. Their eyes should lie between 10 to 15 degree angles above the bridge of the nose. 

Problem with eye placement 

  • Eyes set below 10 to 15 degree angle.
  • The eye shape or lids of different size.
  • Eyes that are far from each other.
  • Eyes that is close.

Eyes problems in Rottweiler 

Been generally healthy Rottweilers are also prone to eye diseases which includes retinal detachment, cataracts and enthropia.  Hence as a owner or breeders of this dogs you should observe any symptoms of these eye issues and knowing how to treat them.

Entropion is a condition which affects the eyelids, this problem result in the upper or lower eyelids leading to inwards rolling, rubbing the lashes against the eyes, making the eye to become inflamed or irritated. This can be very painful to these dogs (Rottweilers).

Entropion is caused through many ways, these includes; genetic and acquired entropion.

  • Genetic entropions  
  • Acquired entropion this is mainly caused by muscle weakness or trauma due to their old age.

Symptoms of the entropion

As a Rottie owner you should see vet when you detect this signs in them.

  1. When you see winkling
  2. Bacteria and infection which will cause excessive tearing to appear.
  3. Rubbing and pawing their eyes due to irritation and pain.
  4. A Rottie eyelid tends to roll inwardly.
  5. Their eyes become sensitive to light.


  • Treat the puppies with conditions as young pups can temporary be treated by tacking sutures.
  • Removal of the portion of eyelid through surgery. This is the best option in treating entropion.
  • Ointments and eye drops also treat this but only for certain period.

Cataracts develop when they are 18 months old. These diseases can develop quickly and it can take up to several years before losing their vision or becomes blind completely. This sickness is heredity and when it affect Rottweiler they loses vision but comes with other symptoms making it difficult for the owner to identify. And when not identified it can cause reactive inflammation inside the eye known as lens induced uveitis (LIU). These conditions (LIU) lead to detached retina or glaucoma making it irreversible blind.

Treatment can only be done through surgery.  This is done by removing the affected lens and implanting a new lens. With this Rottweilers get their complete vision when the surgery is complete.

Retinal detachment is part of eye which is known in sending signals to the brain in order to form image from the light received from the object. These conditions arise when the retinal detaches from the epithelium due to accumulation of fluid.

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