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The Rottweiler is known as a one of the best breeds of domestic dog. The size of a Rottie ranges from medium to large or large in general. Aka Giant Rottweilers. The dog derives its name from German language Rottweiler Metzgerhund, which means Rottwell butchers’ dogs. Back then they were used as working and protection dogs. Today they still cary those same great traits. They originally came from Roman. They were popularly use to herd livestock and in pulling carts laden to the market. Recently the Rottweiler is used as search and rescue dogs, police dogs, and make great guard dogs and excellent pets.

Rottweilers are courageous, calm and loyal they are also confident in themselves. a skittish Rottweiler is around upon. The male Rottie are calm and watchful, they are always on guard for threat to their environment, and the females are easier to control and affectionate to other. 

They need a firm and consistent discipline. This dogs is not good forthose that lack leadership or times. Rottweilers love their owners and desire to protect them. Looking For A Pocket Rottie?

The Labrador Retriever 

The Labrador retriever is a breed (large) of retriever dog. The dog (Labrador) is one if not the mostpopular breeds of dogs in countries like United States, United Kingdom and Canada. 

One of the important benefit of Labradors are they are trained to aid those with blindness. labs also are skilled in performing screening and detection work for official agencies. They often act as a therapy dog and Rottweilers make great therapy dogs as well.

The Lab has its main origin is Canada and United Kingdom; they are black, chocolate, yellow, white and fox red in color. Their life span ranges from 12-14 years.

Labrottie or Rottielab

When Rottweiler is mixed with Labrador they are terms as a labrottie. This result in a feature borrowed from both parents, and one of the parent or the other. When mixed you could end up with a Rottweiler like dog and has the character of a Labrador coloring, or a random combination of the two. Mix breeders are more difficult to find than the breeders of pure breads. You can’t register a labrottie with akc but you can with ckc

The hybrid offspring of a Labrador retriever and a Rottweiler carries the best traits of the two breeds.

First they are extremely loyal pet, fun, loving, energetic and affectionate. The combination can gives you a strong energy. They are highly devoted and protect it family.

They are known by several names, for instances, Rottador, Labrottie, the Rottwador, and the Labweiler.

For healthy and an excellent temperament you need to avoid backyard breeders. The Rotwell and lab parent must have great hips and elbow scores. They must be examine or clear for the PRA and have an unaffected eye tests from their vet. Rottweiler lab mixed has a life expectancy of 9-12 years.

Some might ask what makes a good pet. A good pet depends on the person. This breed needs special care and attention from the owner. They can be dangerous if not properly care for. It requires a large space to run around and play. This dogs don’t do well living alone. Don’t feed them with alcohol, grapes or raisins, onions, poultry bones, salt and salty foods, tomato leaves, and yeast dough.

When Rottweiler is mixed with Labrador retriever they possess two different personalities, and a pulp of both half Rottie and lab could inherit different temperamental traits from each parent.

Features of a Rottweiler mix with lab.

Temperament of the Rottweiler lab mix – Rottweiler mix with lab is very playful, highly active, intelligent and affectionate. Rottweiler’s can be protective and has a loyal nature, but can be dangerous if not properly train for their owners and others. Training this dog should be your first priority.

Labrottie personality – the personality of a mixed Rottweiler and Labrador retriever cannot be examined or known. It could have the coloring of a Rottweiler and the personality of Labrador retriever or the other way round. It can also be a perfect mix of the parent looks and temperament.

Personality of a Rottweiler mixed with Labrador Retriever

For their personality you will have to wait for the puppy to grow up to see what it will look like. Just like Labrador retriever your labrottie will be friendly and faithful. For a Rottweiler personality it can be effective as a guard dog. This guard dogs are very loyal and have much affection towards their families and are strict with strangers. Therefore it has to be trained and accept other people socially.

Socialization of a Labrador retriever Rottweiler mix

Socialization – training and socialization are essential while it’s still a puppy. If you don’t socialize them while young, it will never learn to get along with other pets and the people around it. Also put it on a leash until it learns to interact with others peacefully. Avoid playing them playing with young children, because they won’t understand how to play and when to accidentally hurt the dog. Bring your puppy to a dog park regularly to expose it to other dogs, this can improve their ways and skilled in learning.

Socialization of dogs needs to continue for a lifetime; you need to have a lot of visitors when they are still young, don’t punish your Labrottie, and correct nibbling behavior from them.

Exercise – taking them out for a long walks daily, this can take up to 30-60 minutes long. You can also play a catch game for about an hour. When they lack this activity and are eating much food, it can cause Labrottie to put on weight. When overweight it can result to diabetes and other health issues. Lab crossed with a Rottie needs company and toys that will keep them engaged to keep them busy and away from separation anxiety. Studying to know the right toy and puzzles for you dogs can improve their energy, it also helps in sharpening their mind.

Examples of toy for large breeds such as Labrottie are; Kong classic, Nylabone big chew, kick fetch toy ball.

Health of a Labrottie

Health problems – since both parents suffer from hip dysplasia it is likely the hybrid will suffer same. The dog’s hips do not develop correctly which will later result in gradual degeneration of the bone when not treated and cause it to not function.

Hip dysplasia also leads to joint disorder which is irreversible. Early detection can stop the condition from getting worse, hence, visit the vet when you discover your labrottie develop stiff legs.

Another health problem found in Labradors is sudden collapse in the middle of physical activity. This condition can be passed through gene which makes it inherited.

Acute moist dermatitis


Cold tail



Food – it best if you feed your Rottweiler Labrador three square meals. This reduces the amount of food it will have per meal and high risk of bloating. This breeds require minimum of 1,700 calories per day, but if your dog is in it upper weight range, then you might be feeding it 2,200 calories daily. This should come from an animal protein based, and a standard quality dog.

Some of the three best foods for large breeds like Laborite are Blue buffalo life protection formulas, wellness complete health large breed and IAMS proactive health adult. If you are preparing to have one you should be prepared to invest a lot of money on their feed.


Labrottie full grown size depends on the parent’s size. A height of a Rottweiler can be up to 27 inches at the shoulder, while Labrador retriever grow t a maximum height of 24.5 inches to the shoulder. Also why Rottie weigh up to 110 pounds. Labradors weigh 65-80 pounds.

Since Rottie and Labrador are of different size, their mixed breeds puppy may fall anywhere between.

Grooming and bruising – their grooming is not that difficult, they are mostly considered as a low maintenance breed. They possess short hair which makes grooming easy. You can use grooming kit, the grooming table, gloves.

Importance of having a Rottweiler lab mix

1. It requires little grooming – a mix Rottweiler lab has little or moderate shedder at most, brushing the body weekly is good enough to keep the coats and skin healthy. This save time and energy, during the summer it shed more but it can be control.

2. There are good as a guard dogs – having the personality of a Rottweiler, this dog is fiercely protective of its families. Also there are very loyal. This set the owners mind at ease knowing he has a strong and big dog.

3. They serve as friends and exercise buddy – you can jog, bike or run around the neighborhood with this dog by your side. It has enough energy for all kinds of activities. You can take them also on camping trip. Labrottie breeder is hard to find. Be extremely careful not to get scammed. Check them out ask for references.


1. Going for dental check up

2. DNA Testing

3. Feeding healthy and proper food.

4. Give lots of love and affections for the puppy.

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