Rottweiler Mixed with Siberian husky

Siberian Husky rottweiler

Rottweiler mix with Siberian husky

The Rottweiler

The Rottweiler It is a great pet dog breed, considered to be medium – large or large. Most People in America love the Giant Rottweiler. In German, the dogs are also called Rottweiler Metzgerhund. It means the dogs of Rottweiler butchers since their primary use was to store livestock and to sell carts laden with butchered food. Rottweilers still today make great pets and excellent Watchdogs. Now also Rottweilers are used as search and rescue dogs, guard dogs, and police dogs.

We do not sell Siberian Husky and Rottweiler mix. They have a very intimidating appearance, especially with tail docked, for Rottweilers. They are tall and have an attractive short hair coat. These canines are predominantly black hair in most instances. Brown and white accents, though, are quite popular. These have nice medium floppy ears, wide massive big heads, and a wide jaw as well.

The Siberian Husky

The Siberian Husky is a breed of medium sized working dogs. The race belongs to the genetic family of Spitz. The thickly furred double coat, upright triangular ears, and distinctive markings make it identifiable, and it is smaller than the Alaskan Malamute, a very similar-looking breed. It is an active, robust, resilient breed whose ancestors lived in Siberian Arctic’s frigid and harsh climate. A Siberian Husky can come in a variety of colors. Most poplar color is black and white or red and white. You can also find lots of gray and white Siberian Huskies. If you are looking to buy a purebred Siberian Husky Puppy check out kingdom kennel a Mississippi Louisiana Siberian Husky breeder

These dogs are often considered out there to be one of the most visually striking creatures. At first glance, this breed is, in most cases, mistaken for a wolf. They’ve got a long double coat. While the most common, solid-colored dogs are black and white Huskies, there are those coated in a reddish-brown fur. You have pointed ears, short snouts, and eyes that pierce.

Rather than barking, the Husky howls. They are described as escape artists, including digging, chewing, or even jumping over fences.

The Rottsky.

The Rottweiler Husky mix, also known as the Rottsky, is one of the most sought-after designers dogs

Siberian Husky rottweiler mix

It is a rare and beautiful urban breed with a unique personality, expressive eyes, and lots of love to offer. Rottweiler Siberian Husky mixed is an excellent dog, as it is loyal, social, and loving, to have as a pet. It will alert you to any danger, and it will not cause any harm to you or any member of your family. When properly socialized, it can do well with children. The Rottsky is a great partner in the workout, or even as a camera companion (at home!). As a relatively new blend, as of now, there’s not much to say about it. But this is an all-rounder dog in all aspects. And about the eyes, you’ll note that many Rottskys have full heterochrony, meaning both eyes have different colors! Fascinating, very sweet!

Below is a picture of Rottsky puppy;


How is this breed Made?

Through combining the Siberian Husky and the Rottweiler, breeders make Rottskies. The process is relatively simple, contrary to popular belief. Often breeders choose dogs with the best physical and genetic characteristics. Getting right can take a couple of generations, but the outcome is worth the wait. Breeders are going to take drastic measures to make sure their newborn puppies are beautiful. It is still not easy to determine precisely how the pup will look. Some of one parent’s traits will be more dominant than others. You will usually see a variation of the parents ‘ distinguishing physical characteristics, making their way to the offspring.

Features of Rottsky

1. Appearance

A Rottsky puppy with a Husky’s eyes usually looks like a fluffier Rottweiler. It has the Rottweiler’s head, a slightly longer muzzle, and somewhat lowered ears. It is not possible to predict what characteristics the puppies learn from their parents beforehand. They have a general description, though; each pup will take on any of their parents ‘ traits so that the appearance will vary. As for the height and weight, all parents ‘ measurements will be part of it. A Rottsky puppy can, therefore, be between 21 and 26 inches tall, weighing between 50 and 100 pounds.

2. Temperament

One thing you can be sure of is that it’s going to love you a lot and protect you. Within individual personalities, again, there are variations. Some puppies are going to be extremely friendly and outgoing, while others may not be readily open to strangers. The best way to know about the character of your Rottsky pup is to socialize them from a younger age. It helps a dog get used to the world around it, and to the fact that other people and animals come in regular contact with it.

3. Training

Because of its independent nature, the Husky breed is considered to be a little difficult to train and is prone to stubbornness. It is sometimes seen in a Rottweiler as well. Therefore, naturally, teaching a Rottsky puppy will take time and patience. One thing that will work is to spread the training sessions multiple times a day, with no more than 10 minutes of each meeting. It is not appropriate to rebuke a wrong order but to redo it. If your pet doesn’t follow the command after you’ve issued it twice, then shift your dog to the desired position physically, though gently; say, ‘ Sit, ‘ for example, then push back.

4. Exercise

It is a dog that comes from very active parents; activity is in their genes. A Rottsky, together with extra playtime, will require two walks or jogs a day. If you’re someone who loves trekking, this dog is going to be a good companion. If you have a yard, you can play there with your dog; great exercises are a fetch or running match.

5. Health

Although this breed’s health problems are not known to be severe, some issues commonly affect both of its parents. Some of these include hip dysplasia, progressive retinal atrophy, cataracts, animal virus, glaucoma, and dissections of osteochondritis. When you get a Rottsky puppy, check their parents ‘ medical records if available, and also talk about the same with your vet. The breed’s average lifespan is 10 to 13 years.

6. Grooming

The Rottweiler is a seasonal shedder, while all year round, the Husky sheds slightly. And your pup’s shedding rate will depend on the more dominant genes. It is still best to clean the coat several times a week as it removes any dead hair. Other than that, the other grooming criteria are oral hygiene, nail clipping, and ear washing. The Rottsky is also not a hypoallergenic breed. If you or any member of your family have dog allergies, it may not be the best option as a pet.

7. Living conditions

Being a medium-sized breed, it takes some time for the Rottsky to pass about. If it meets its daily exercise needs, it can do well in a big apartment; but it does better in a house with a yard. You can also take your dog to the dog park for a daily dose of exercise if you don’t have a yard. A Siberian Husky Rottweiler mix makes a very unique breed of dog.

Reasons Why You Should Get a Rottweiler Husky

1. Protective

Thanks to its protective instincts, the Rottweiler Husky makes a perfect family dog. A large frame can also trigger intruders to think twice before destroying the estate of an owner. The Husky Rottweiler is loyal to his human pack and will not hesitate to bring strangers uncomfortably close to the children he protects.

2. Companions of events

Thanks to its energy level, the involved owners will have a fun time with the Husky Rottweiler. The hybrid dog needs a lot of workouts to meet the family. Running, hiking, and trekking are just a few of the things that an owner can do with the Rottweiler-mixed Husky.

3. Compassionate Pets

Rottweilers are considered to be vicious attack dogs. It only refers, however, to dogs suffering from neglect and abuse. Owners will end up with stable and reliable animals with proper training and socialization. This hybrid dog will also exceed expectations as he also has a loving and loyal disposition if lovingly and affectionately treated by his friends. Families will have friendly dogs that enjoy playing with children.

How much is the cost of Rottsky?

Breeders charge their dogs at all times. The value is intended to cover the cost of raising the pup and keeping them safe until they are ready for their new home. Prices can vary considerably depending on several factors. It’s important to know that a Rottsky won’t be cheap until you start looking for pets. Such dogs are a significant investment. Typically, they cost more than pure breeds because they are so unique and desired.


All in all, the ideal addition to your family can be a Rottweiler Husky mix. We are lovely creatures enjoying playing and having fun. It’s not hard to see why they’re so famous with their striking good looks.

If you’re considering getting a Rottsky, do your homework to make sure you’re able to handle their unique personalities and needs. To succeed, they need a lot of attention and consistent learning.

If you still think you want one, look around to find a breeder you can trust. While it may seem like a lot of work getting a Rottsky, if you enjoy time with your new furry friend, it’s going to be worth it.

MS Rottweiler Kingdom

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What makes a good dog? Rottweiler Puppy Training Tips. Puppies are cute and fun to play with but like everything else in life an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. When getting a new puppy one thing that needs to be done shortly after the welcome home party is Teaching your new Rottweiler puppy new tricks. Harness the temperament of a Rottweiler puppy early on and reap the benefits. Even if the puppy is runt of the litter the dog will get big and strong. Often if you can start with basic training like teaching the Puppy to come when called it will safe you loads of time and keep you pet safe. By paying attention to the body language of your puppy you can help redirect his emotions and aggressions. However you may find yourself being licked in the face. If you plan on keeping your precious puppy inside you might be pleased to know that they don’t really need a large house to live in. Rotties are perfectly fine in a small house but its best to teach them how to walk on a leash

Top Quality Rottweiler puppies For Sale

Although here at Mississippi Rottweilers we try to breed the top German and European bloodlines in the world there is always a slight chance (especially if the new owner neglects basic health rules) that your puppy could one day get Hip dysplasia. We recommend that you feed your new puppy a balanced healthy puppy food and keep the dog a safe weight. Doing this will help prevent dysplasia in your Rottweiler

Everyone who gets a Rottweiler puppy is faced with the option of Spaying or Neutering your new Rottweiler Puppy. Although there are certainly risk with doing that, there are some very promising positive results. Come read some facts about Spaying or Neutering your German Rottweiler puppy

You may of saw a Rottweiler at some point in your life with a white spot on the chest or maybe you saw one with or without a tail? Well white spot or not, with or without a tail one thing is for sure. Rottweiler makes a great Service Dog and Rottweilers Make Great Therapy Dogs

What to expect when you get a German Rottweiler Puppy

When you get your new puppy home you will probably find yourself looking at puppy diarrhea. Thats typically nothing to worry about. If you are still concerned after reading this article please consult a vet. It’s not a bad to kennel or crate train a puppy early on. Especially if they bite or chew on friends or family who visit you.

The grooming needs of a Rottweiler are pretty simple. You may find yourself having to deal with fleas or ticks. If its too hot or too cold outside you need to have a plan in place to keep your puppy safe but this typically isn’t a problem for most parts of the country. You can learn some interesting facts about Rottweilers and how to better care fo their needs on google. Like how big will my Rottweiler get? Your Rottweiler may be a giant or a small dog depending on what food you feed your Rottweiler. you can find out about the German Rottweiler breed standard that we at MS Rottweilers shoot for. ask, will my Rottweiler be to big to complete in agility competition?

Should you bother registering your Rottie?

Whats the difference between akc and ckc? Does JLPP testing matter, why is it important? But something much more important that JLPP is Brucellosis in dogs. This can effect your quality of life.

Rottweilers make great guard dogs, herding dogs because there is a big difference between a Rottweiler, a pitbull, German shepherd, and a doberman.Yes, a Rottweiler imo is the top dog. Just be sure to do the aptitude test before picking a puppy so that you know exactly what you are getting. Don’t forget to tape those ears down if they are flyaway.

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