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Here Alabama is located at the southeastern region of the United States. It is the 30th largest by area and according to the 2010 census Alabama is the 24th most populous in United States. It shared border to the north with Tennessee, to the east with Georgia, to the south with Florida and the Gulf of Mexico, and Mississippi to the west.

The largest cities and towns in Alabama are;

AL rottweilers

Birmingham the most populous district in Alabama.


Rottweiler puppy for sale, male born 07-22-19

Montgomery “ this is the state capital of Alabama and the second largest city by population.

Skyline of mobile Alabama’s third largest district.

Skyline of Huntsville the fourth largest district in Alabama.

Tuscaloosa the fifth largest district in Alabama.

Rottweiler Puppies for Sale in Alabama

In recent years Rottweiler and Rottweiler breeders has placed a number of champion German Rottweiler puppies in Alabama. These Rottweiler puppies are scattered all over the great state of Alabama such as North Alabama, south Alabama, Central Alabama, like Dothan, auburn, Roanoke, Gadsden, fort Payne, Hoover, Huntsville, skyline of mobile, Decatur, muscle shoals, Tuscaloosa, Montgomery and Opelika. We hear from people who adopt these puppies that there is need for a provider of true champion import German Rottweilers in the state but it east to find Rottweiler puppies in Alabama. These create interest in people coming over to Alabama to find their baby Rottie.

Rottweiler puppies for sale in AL (Montgomery) prices and locations of the Alabama Rottweiler for sale near Montgomery, AL include AKC Rottweiler puppies and adult dogs. You can search local classified ads of breeders selling Rottweiler puppies but be careful not all men are honest. Browse through German Rottweiler puppies for sale near Montgomery, Alabama, USA. For a perfect puppy search and you’ll sometimes Come up empty handed.

ORIGIN OF ROTTWEILER and their journey to Alabama Rottweilers

Rottweiler has it origin trace back in history and include a mastiff-type dog and also maybe from the Italian mastiff. They accompany the Romans by herding cattle and protecting the farm land. According to study it was claim that if not for this Rottweilers, the Romans would never have survived the journey. In addition to this, during the middle ages, Rottweilers were used as great guard, excellent herders and loyal messenger dogs. Their name was derived from a German town called Rotwelle, which means red tile after the farmed red tiled roof of the village. Initially Rottweilers drove cattle to town or market in Germany for butchering. Rottweiler nearly goes on extinct when rail transport replaced cattle drives. Some of the dedicated breeders saved these breed in the late 1800’s. Since then their appearance and character has changed. They make excellent police dogs. This does are considered as one of the oldest herding breeds.

They serve an important role in the First World War and Second World War when they were high demand for police dogs. Their service in these wars includes ambulance draught, messenger, and guard dogs.

Overview of Rottweiler puppies for sale in AL

Looking for a cheap Rottweiler puppy for sale? They are a beloved breed in Alabama, though their breed has not always been so popular. They are member of the mastiff family which was value as a cart dog in the past. It was known as metzgerhunds, or popularly calls butcher dog, they were used to haul meat to market since they are strong and muscled in body.

To buy Rottweiler puppies you need to visit our available puppies for sale in Alabama. Also if you cannot provide adequate time and love for this young Alabama Rottie don’t buy them.

Rottweiler is the happiest when assign a job to perform. Robust and powerful, his intelligence, endurance, and willingness to work make him a well suitable guard dog, therapy dog, service dog, herder, police dog, devoted companion and obedience competitor. These dogs (Rottweiler) are self confident and give a quiet responds with a wait and see attitude to influences in his environment, an inherent protector.

They are four important things that contribute to buying a new and cheap Rottweiler from Alabama. But you can only get this knowledge for a good Rottweiler breeder.

  • You should get to know them “ a good breeder will give you much information about these puppies as you would like. They are possibilities to meet the parent dogs, look around their breeding location, and answer any of your questions about the puppy you are willing to buy. This information plays
  • You should get a pedigree chart of your pup “most importantly it is essential for you to know where your dog is coming from. Knowing it medical history not only the puppy but their parent medical information which can help you to prepare for the future. A good breeder will show you the health validity of their dogs just as the Rottweiler puppies in Alabama.
  • Screen Alabama dogs before breeding “a good breeder want their dog healthy and desire the best for them. They are going to do everything to ensure their Alabama Rotts is healthy. This makes these puppies to be more expensive, but that help reduces future costs on your part.
  • Socialize the puppies “the most important things these good breeder can do is to prepare your Rott, which result to a higher cost. Socializing Rottweilers is very important. They take them out to meet people and other dogs , also taking them to dog park which makes them get along with family, strangers and other breeds.

Alabama Rottweiler is expensive because of the differences in cost

  1. Health Certifications “ the less expensive breeders do not perform test, ethical breeder pay thousands on top of the purchase price and import fees.
  2. Cost of breeding stock “ most of these less expensive breeders bought from a cheap Rottweiler puppy. While ethical breeders do pay thousands to import health certified Rottweilers puppies in AL.
  3. Cost to produce the litter “ ethical breeders add everything pertaining to that litter as cost which makes it expensive, but less expensive breeders look at the amount of Rottweiler puppies sold for their profit in Alabama.
  4. Shipping- when buying these puppies out of Alabama the airline dictate the price of shipping.

Here Are Some Of Alabama Rottweiler Breeders.

There are a couple German Rottweiler breeders in Alabama but if you are wanting a cheap purebred German Rottweiler puppy you can get one from me.

To pick Rottweiler puppies in Alabama you need to check the following.


  • Temperament: -Rottweilers love and care for their people and may behave in a clownish manner toward friends and external family, also they are very protective of their territory and do not do well with strangers until giving a proper introduction. For a better life of this dog an obedience training and socialization is a given must. Since they are not shedders, hence minimal grooming is requiring for maintenance.
  • Breed characteristics: – the breed characteristics have to deals with the size: the average female Rottweiler weighs anywhere from 80-110 pounds. She stands tall of about 22-25 inches. Also the average Rottweiler weighs 110-130 pounds and at 24-27 inches tall. Activity, children, other dogs, shedding, watch, Guard and Trainability: they are easy to train, intelligent, prey drive and tendency to back or howl.

Cheap Rottweiler puppies can be healthy 

  • Health: – they have an average lifespan of 9-10 years, so it is very important for your puppy to grow slowly, because quick growth of the joints can lead to hip dysplasia or elbow dysplasia. A youth Rottie can get Pano in the joints from growing fast and quick. Alabama Rottweiler is carefully raised. Like all purebred dogs, Alabama Rottie apart from hip or elbow dysplasia suffers a lot more issues like aortic stenosis, entropion, ectropion, cruciate ligament rupture, cancer, wet eczema, cold water tail, juvenile laryngeal paralysis and polyneuropathy. In conclusion buying Rottweiler puppies in Alabama will create this awareness for the benefit of the buyers.
  • Coat and coat care: – the coat comprises of the outer coat and an undercoat. The outer coat is medium length, and flat. The undercoats are present on the neck and thighs. Undercoat must not be visible through the outer coat. Rottweilers under hot climates may be acclimatized and may be missing the undercoat. Their coats tend to be low maintenance, but, they experience heavy shedding before the seasons or seasonally. The coat of an Alabama Rottweilers can come in four different combinations such as, black, blue, tan and mahogany.
  • Colors: – if you are looking for Rottweiler puppies for sale in Alabama, you should study and make sure you understand their coats and coat care. According to requirement submitted by the American kennel club, pups that are to be registered should be black with marking ranging from rust to mahogany. They have a special color marking over their eyes, on the cheeks, on each side of the muzzle, on the chest and legs, and beneath the tail. Also they are tan lines on the toes.

Places I Can Get Alabama Rottweiler.

  1. this website is your source for finding a good and an ideal Rottweiler puppy for sale near Huntsville, Alabama, USA area. You can browse through the id verified puppy for sale to find your perfect puppy in your area. This site has the best selection of Rottweiler puppies for sales. It creates room for Rottweilers puppies adoption in Alabama and it nearby cities. You can advertise your Rottweiler dog breeder website and Rottweiler puppies in Alabama.
  2. On the internet you find Rottweiler puppies for adoption in AL. rots can be found near Tuscaloosa in Alabama. Adopt a can be of an important help to find a new best friend. Also they are many animal shelters and rescues that focus on finding great and loving homes for Alabama Rottweiler and other breeds of dogs in Tuscaloosa in Alabama. Some of these organizations are; humane society of west Alabama, West Alabama animal rescues, Canine compassion fund, not going to name all the of them because I dont recommend them and Animal Shelter.


The price of Alabama Rottweiler can vary depending on how old they are, and where you buy them. On average Rottweiler in AL cost: a FOR an will cost $1,500-$3,500. PUPPY MILL will cost $850-$900, BACKYARD BREEDER will cost $550-$900 Here we are semi expert high medium quality breeders and we stand out from the rest offering a guarantee and good quality pups. With big German block heads and sound bodies. and ADOPTION OF FULL GROWN ROTTWEILER IN AL will cost $0-$100 especially if it’s spayed or neutered and not house trained.

Rottweiler puppies for adoption in AL are a great way to help and support dogs in the local community to create a better life.This might be hard for these little puppies because of their past, but it worth knowing you are making a difference in helping them.

Why You Should Go For A More Expensive Rottweilers Puppies In Alabama.

Two way of buying a Rottweiler puppies were from a puppy mill and backyard breeder. Here are people and places you will not want to stay away from. In my advice always stay away from puppy mills and be extra careful about backyard breeders. Puppy mills are very unethical and the breeders are only in for the profit they can make. The parents dog don’t receive the same love and care, while Alabama Rottweilers receive this extreme care and love from the ethical breeders. Therefore buying cheap Rottweiler puppies from the unethical breeders in Alabama would make them aggressive while growing up and with no or little socialization they tend to be dangerous. This could affect the rest of their lives. Even though these dogs will be less expensive, they are chances of having future health problems.

This also applies to backyard breeders, here you won’t likely know the history for the father of your Rott and the mother might not have been ready or eligible to have puppies at that time. These pups are often taken care of due to the fact that they are usually a result of random dog coming by your house when your female is in heat. They are different from puppy mill but has the same risks.

The breeder won’t be as experienced or won’t know what he or she needs to do with a new litter of Rottweilers. Therefore, backyard breeder is better than puppy mill. However it is of your best to stay away from the two altogether.


1.) Around great family dog and companion dog. They are attentive, smart, and so affectionate. Also they required low maintenance little grooming required and very little shedding.

2.) They are great family pets and generally nice to children of almost all ages, of course adult supervision with any dog breed is always recommended.

3.) Alabama Rottweilers are great with other dogs, cats, and pets when socialized and raised properly. They fit all life styles and homes as they are lower energy, and bark less.

4.) These Rottweilers are lovable, cuddle friendly, playful and energetic but not hyper or over active. They also possess low maintenance with minimal shedding.

5.) They are of perfect size, they are not too big and not that small.. The average adult weight range can vary but ours 100 pounds to 130 pounds with the average at about someone in between pounds. Don’t be fooled by the 150 pound Rottweiler scams. Generally those dogs have health issues that can be passed down to the pups

6.) They fit almost everyone’s lifestyle. Great for homes, condos, apartments, farms. They do require average amounts of daily exercise but not huge amounts as they can easily overheat of course. They can get their fill of exercise indoors or you can just take them out for walks so both of y’all can get healthier or as well and can just go out 2-3 times for their daily walk to do their business. puppy find next day pets marketplace

7.) They have absolutely adorable, comical faces & those ears!! Who can resist that face? Also they are very intelligent and serve as a guard dogs. If you are looking for Rottweiler Puppies for sale in LA

Disadvantage of cheap Rottweiler puppies in Alabama

  • They are not train but this is something you can do at home
  • They make likely to not be medical test for these puppies. So get a guarantee fo some sort.
  • It can lead to excess cost after buying.
  • Make sure They are socializing The Rottie pup which makes them less aggressive.
  • Make sure you buy from a legit breeder and they are feed properly.

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