Rottweiler Puppies for sale in Texas

Rottweiler Puppies For Sale In TX

Rottweiler Puppies for sale in Texas

If you are looking or a Rottweiler Puppy In TX You have came to the right Place! We are here to help you find the perfect Rottweiler Puppy For sale in TX. Or we can sale you a puppy and deliver to you with little or no shipping charges. Here at MS Rottweilers we have puppies for sale with FREE or limited Shipping To TX.

The origin of Rottweilers can be traced to Germany and Romania. It is believed that Romans use to herd their animals through Rottweilers and when they invaded Germany the breed was brought there. In Germany they were used by butchers for multiple purposes like pulling the meat delivery cart to local buyers and protecting cattle from theft. Due to their lineage; Rottweilers are usually regarded as a working dogs or Shepherd Dog. Because they are not lazybones, they are best when they are at some work.

The breed is originated from Europe and goes well in cold weather, and usually are not a very good option in warm weather conditions. It really does not mean that they can not survive warm weather, but they need proper care like good amount of water, shade and care. They may be taken out in sun during the hottest time; but exposure must not more than few hours.

Top champion Rottweiler Puppies For Sale in TX


Even though, extremely hot weather can be dangerous for them, but still they prefer playing outside rather than being a “couch potato”. Generally, regarded as aggressive, they can become a very peaceful choice when properly trained and socialized. They go along just fine with kids, and their cuteness has attracted many writers to write children books on them. Despite this, minors must not be left alone with Rottweilers as due to their huge size they may push them or can become aggressive if poked unnecessarily. As far as Rottweiler general behavior is concerned, they are highly courageous, calm and confident. By nature, they do not befriend everyone so easily, but a domestic Rottweiler can go fine with all family member just perfectly.

Rottweiler owner in TX must take extra precautionary steps during the warm summer days. Proper diet and water must be provided along with cool living conditions. They owner must ensure that they have plenty of time to spend with Rottweilers. Puppies need more time than the adult ones as they have this amazing power to learn in very early ages.

Origin of the Rottweiler Puppies for sale in Texas

The Rottweilers are regarded as one of the oldest herding breeds and 10th most intelligent dog. Their ancestors use for protection, pulling meat carts and herding animals in Roman era. The name of Rottweiler originated from a town’s name in Germany “Rottweil” which eventually mean “The red Tile” because of the famous red tile houses of the town. The closest breed to Rottweilers is Rottsky, Labrottie, and Mastweiler who also share the same lineage.

Historically, Rottweilers are domestic animal and served human in one of the coldest regions of the world. How the breed was brought to US is still a myth; however, the American Kennel Club officially recognized Rottweilers in 1931. Then in 1990s, the popularity of Rottweilers touched the sky, as they were the most registered dogs with American Kennel Club. The same club in 2017, declared Rottweilers as 8th most popular pure breed in United States of America and the club also distinguishes “The American Rottweilers” as Americans by all means i.e. not originated in German by any means. No proper history points at Rottweilers being used as working dogs the way they were used in Europe.

However, they are highly regarded as the “Police Dogs” in popular culture because of their extensive usage by police and other related forces for security purposes. Since, the Rottweilers were used by Europeans exclusively in herding and protecting which shows that they are open to wilderness of the nature. They could easily adopt to the conditions of United States; however, how they were brought to Texas is still unknown.

Overview of Rottweiler Puppies for sale in Texas

Technically regarded as medium or large sized dog breed, the Rottweilers males are about 24-27 inches in height, which females are slightly shorter with 22-25 inches body. Similarly, the weight is relative to their heights as it is between 115-130 pounds for males, and 75-105 pounds for females. The American Rottweiler has usually a smaller size with a half tail and on the other hand the German Breed is relatively small with a fully tail. Researchers believe that the docked tail is because they were used to pull carts and rope was tied with their tail that caused the half tail breed. Excluding the physical appearance, it would not be possible to decipher any difference in the behavior of both breeds.

Rottweiler Puppies Colors

A standard Rottweiler has black body which is about 90% and rust-colored to mahogany patch which is about less than 10% of the dog’s body color. The color become more solid and attractive as the puppy grows. Due to their double layered skin they can survive the coldest temperature better than warmest. Almost all Rottweilers have a visible dot over their eyes, a strip on each side of the snout, cheek marking and solid black nose. The marking on the face runs down the chest of the dog.

Body shape of Rottweiler puppies

Rottweiler have medium sized head which broad black nose. The ears are broad between the head, eyes are dark brown medium sized and strong upper & lower jaws. The puppies will develop adult characters quickly than other dogs of related family. From pup to adult, their bodies are straight, strong and well-muscled. The neck is fairly long and the tail is either normal or docked. The front legs are straight and rear legs are at obtuse angled, both forearms and rear-arms are far from each other.

The coat is consisting of outer coat and under coat. The outer court is designed naturally to acclimatize the pup from difficult weather.

Temperament of Rottweiler puppies

Rottweilers are banned in certain countries like Spain, France & Japan due to their bad temperament. Many insurance companies do not cover them because of their unexpected behavior. They are regarded as very territorial which means that the owner has to work more than normal with these dogs to control their temperament. Puppies need extra cautions and care so that they can be taught to respect others. Their dangerous behavior could be a result of neglect, abuse, lack of socialization, or bad living conditions. The dogs are extremely devoted towards their specific owner and they may not like to share their owner with others; especially with another dog. A research indicates that male Rottweiler puppies are comparatively sharper and open to learning than female. If proper measures adopted then these dogs can be best of the best.

Should I buy a Rottweilers puppy in Texas?

Inherently, they are best when the weather is chilly and they are given any task to complete, but it does not mean that they are not a good pick for Texas condition. All they need is good care, affection and time which can make them a proper part of your life. However, potential owner must be aware of the characteristics of the Rottweilers dog ranging from its eating habits, sleeping habits to its sleeping habits.

They should not be treated as lazy dogs as this could turn them into an aggressive grown up dog. Rather they must be given handful of time when they are still puppy so that they can turn into a useful part of your life. During the hottest days of the year, they should not be exposed to sun for more than 1-2 hours; it does not mean that they should be pushed to live inside air-conditioned rooms.

Champion Rottweiler Puppies for sale in TX

The champion breed would rather prefer playing out in hot weather than live inside a cool room doing nothing. Especially the pups are very prone to heat stroke and sunburns. Over heating symptoms could be vomiting, salivation, fatigue, unconsciousness, loss of interest etc. During a walk outside, a bottle filled with cool water must be sprinkled on pup or an adult Rottweiler so that it must not over heat. A better option could be to wrap up your pet with a wet towel soaked in cool water and changing it time to time during your walk.

Rottweilers can be taken for swimming or a tub must be dedicated with fresh water to help it play and cool down at the same time. A proper set of medicine should be available just in case if it gets sun burn or heat stroke. also check local listings for Rottweiler puppies for sale in Huston TX, Rottweiler puppies for sale in south Texas, things like that.

Proper use of internet for your puppy

Internet must be properly used to learn more about the Rottweilers and their habits before adopting them. To find a Rottweiler Puppies for sale in Texas there are A number of platforms available that gives good information about breeders, groomers, trainers, dietary information etc. Following sites can be a better option to groom your puppy:

1. American Kennel Club Marketplace (AKC Marketplace)

The American Kennel Club is dedicated to upholding the integrity of its Registry, promoting the sport of purebred dogs and breeding for type and function. Founded in 1884, the AKC and its affiliated organizations advocate for the purebred dog as a family companion, advance canine health and well-being, work to protect the rights of all dog owners and promote responsible dog ownership. Being on of the oldest platforms I has huge membership across the US.

2. Continental Kennel Club (CKC USA)

No matter whether you are an active or seasoned dog owner the site will help you with the registration services, canine education, and practical resources you need


The site will help you find desirable puppies available for sales from the most trusted breeders.


One of the most trusted sites with huge number of registered members. It will help you in buying & selling of puppies both nationally and internationally


A very important site to help you find a purebred. It has extended options for dog breed and care information resource.  The site is home to thousands of blogs which may help you to take good care of your puppy.

All of the above sites contain good information regarding purebred Rottweilers, their habits, nutrition cycle, buyers, sellers and other owners in town. Some of the site require exclusive membership and others are free to access.

Care for Rottweiler pups in TX

The Rottweilers by nature are born with thick layered skin with blackish color which protects them from harsh winter. Eventually, it does not indicate that they are perfect on their own. They must properly be brushed, bathed and groomed so that they can beat any weather. During hot and humid days, owner must use cool water to wash them; their house must be cleaned each day and should be installed at the coolest place. Since, they do not like to sit idle and eat like nuts, timing must be assigned each day to spend with them. Approximately, 20-30 minutes should be dedicated exclusively towards the pup to socialize it with you and your family. As it grows, they may need less dedicated time because they are sharp enough to learn things on their own.

If you do not have time, then think of opting another breed because Rottweilers never say no to more walk and gets upset when they are kept inside idle even with the best food and condition. Diet should be given due care as they may face deficiency of vitamin E. The food they are given must be immediate replacement of mothers’ milk. And should contain phosphorus, protein & calcium so that it can help them grow strong bones and decent body.

Rottweiler Puppy Care

At early stages, i.e. when the puppy is between 8 to 10 weeks then the food should be properly mixed with milk or supplement so that the pup should learn chewing and digest it in no time. When taken out, the pup can be so cheeky that it may get lost or trespass into others property. Pup show not be tied in a manner that causes difficulty for it to move during a work or at home. If treated like a family member, the pup can actually grow into a family member when it grows up.

Rottweilers are good with other dogs of their own family. Even the puppies may not go fine along with cats. A Rottweiler of the purebred would be extremely aggressive towards dogs of same sex. However, puppies are having exclusively controlled behavior. They should be properly exposed to other domestic animals which are kept alongside them. They must not be given this impression that they are being ignore at any moment. Rottweilers bark and growl freely when they feel so. A proper training should be given to them that who should be a proper stranger and who should not be. If they are not taken care of when they are puppy then be extremely dangerous towards strangers, or other dogs. If left alone or do not receive any training for a longer period then they may turn into devil for the owner.

Health of Rottweiler Puppies for sale in TX

Rottweilers being one of the largest dogs live for 8-12 years. Usually, female Rottweilers live longer than male Rottweilers. Some people regard the life span as short, but if proper diet and care is given then they may live long and the life span is pretty good for a good-sized dog. Throughout their life, they prefer doing active stuff and expose themselves to the wilderness of nature. Due to their playful nature and selective eating habits, they have very strong immune system which deters all type of diseases common in most dogs. Especially during their youth days, they hardly face any issue in beating any disease.

As they become old, the inherently common diseases appear like breathing problem, arthritis, heart failure, reproductive problem, eye sight issue, skin diseases and bad stomach. The old age disease can be prevented if the dogs are given good diet and care in terms of exercise. On the other hand, puppies also do not experience any major illness if proper diet and precautionary measures ensured. The medical history indicates that Rottweilers have never been affected by any viral diseases and humans are pretty safe around them. Owner can cuddle them to sleep, or even can kiss them if they are properly groomer.

Playtime and training

The Rottweilers is very outgoing and loyal by nature. If you are an adventurist and go outside more jogging then Rottweilers are the best partner you could ever have. They need lot more time when they are puppy, but once they learn about you and your habits then probably nothing can replace them. A normal Rottweilers at least need 20 to 30 minutes of walk outside each day. They love to play with balls. The larger they grow, the more energetic they become and the more fun time they need. They do not mind going out on hiking or hunting.

Cheap Rottweiler Puppies in TX

Due to the weather conditions, there are few breeders in Texas who breed Rottweilers in large scale. Therefore, the price is slightly higher than other near states. A healthy puppy would cost between as low as $800 to $35000. The price varies for location as well as for gender of the puppy.

Why the Rottweilers are an excellent choice

The Rottweilers are generally regarded as shrewd and sharp dogs. They are daring, confident, tireless and above all dead loyal. Rottweilers are smart that makes them easily trainable, but this dog is not for everybody. They need proper time, training and socialization so that they understand your life standards from A to Z. Being a working dog, they will learn their place in the family and how to behave with each member. They are adorable, smart and loyal when they are born to the last day. Rotties are best for hugs & during the day and cuddling at night. They have strong intuition to sense the mood of their owners and they would do whatever to make you happy.

Breeder accreditation

Puppies must only be bought from accredited breeders and the details are available on certain websites such as Better Business Bureau. The background check of breeders is necessary as it ensures that the breeder is legal and following all the standards without causing any unnecessarily pain to dogs. The ratings on independent website will further help the buyer to elaborate between the best and the worst. Buying puppies from proper breeders is very important as it help the dogs to flourish. Buying puppies from unaccredited buyers would make you a partner in crime as you would be an accomplice to help them hurt the dogs.

Age of Rottweiler Puppies for sale in TX

The puppy should not be dependent on its mother and must be aged more than 6 weeks.  Buying puppy aged less then 6 weeks would cause trauma both for the puppy and its mother. Ask the breeder to provide you the exact age of puppy and a proper affection test must be done by the buyer to check the behavior around its mother

Weaned off of mother’s milk

The puppy you are buying must more than 6-7 weeks at least and should not be dependent on its mothers’ milk anymore. Ask the breeder whether the puppy is properly weaned off and what formulas were given to replace the nutrition of the puppy. If the puppy is still dependent on its mother milk then it is either too young to be adopted or not properly taken care by the breeder.

Necessary vaccinations for Rottweiler Puppies for sale in Texas

It must be ensured that the breeder should provide details of the puppy vaccination (if any). And in most cases professional breeder will keep the record of all receipts regarding vaccinations. The vaccination must be in concurrence to the age, and size of the puppy.

Health issues of Rottweiler Puppies for sale in TX

As compared to other dogs, Rottweilers are healthy and disease-free dogs. Due to active nature, they are shrewd and slim, but over feeding can result in obesity. While buying a puppy, proper investigation should be done regarding any know diseases to the puppy or its mom. Owner can also take puppy to a vet to cross check the information provided by the breeder about the puppy’s health.

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