Rottweiler: Puppy Chewing and Biting

Rottweiler playfully biting kids finger

Everyone loves little puppies but sometimes they forget about the teething stage. Soon the puppy will be chewing and biting everything. 

Now, remember the puppy is still cute and it will grow out of this teething stage but for now you’ll have to deal with the issue.

Don’t fret too much though, this behavior is perfectly normal for puppies. It’s natural for your puppy to chew on things. It’s how they experience the new world around them and also with all the new teeth coming in they may have a little discomfort with their gums. Like a human baby who is teething sometimes puppies need to chew on toys. Its the same for your new Rottweiler puppy. What we want to do is teach them what is acceptable to chew on and what’s not a good idea to chew on. The Teething Stage won’t last to long.

Here are a few effective ideas that may help you to deal with your puppy’s chewing and biting stage.

So the first and most obvious is that you should Give your puppy plenty of toys to chew on. 

It a good idea to leave out one or two toys at a time for your dog so that it won’t get too bored with the toys. It’s better to let the puppy chew and bite on toys that you provide rather than him chewing on your furniture. After awhile take those away and offer some other toys to chew on. It’ like a kid a Christmas time. Parents spend a lot of money on toys and the kids only play with them for a few mins then they are left laying all around the yard. If you put those toys up for a bit and then bring them out later on the kid or puppy thinks they have a new to to play with.

puppy chew toy

There are a few chew toys that you can hid peanut butter in. This keeps the board puppy buys for a long time.

Our puppies love to chew on the skirts of my wife and kids as they are out in the yard playing with the pups. So, if you notice a particular item that he puppy is drawn to and its a item that you do not what the pup to chew on. You will either have to move the item out of the reach or put a barrier around the item. You can’t teach a puppy not to chew before the item is chewed to pieces.

Like you would have to child proof a house during those wonderful two’s you will have pup proof your home for the wonderful puppy years.

2. Divert attention, tie up ropes that swing. 

A rope tied where one end is not touching the ground, makes a really good distraction for puppies wanting to play, pull, or chew.

puppy chewing on play rope

You might not think that this idea will work, but just wait until you see him pulling.

You may even think of it like a cat toy, but it works. Use the rope to tie up a favorite toy, bone, shoe lol, really the list is endless. Give it a try. This we keep the items clean. You don’t have to worry about the Rottie getting the toy dirty or worse smearing it in poop.

3. Teaching you’r puppy not to chew and bite.

Its cute and fun when the small puppy is chewing or biting your hand it doesn’t hurt a bit. But if you training the pup to bite on your fingers now he will expect to be able to do it later, when he has more power and sharper teeth. He will think it’s still fun and games.

Puppies have sharp teeth

The Rottie will think that every time you go to pick him up or pet him that you are waving a chew toy in front of his face. The puppy will begin chewing or biting on your fingers. Well you hand doesn’t make a very good chew toy. Especially not your baby, or kids hands. Those sharp teeth can easily scrape a soft hand. The pup isn’t trying to cause any damage he just doesn’t know his own strength.

You may ask when do puppies stop chewing and biting. Well, It may take some firm NO’s and and other acceptable techniques to break this habit if it has already formed. It’s best to nip it in the bud now while the pup is really young. Don’t make a habit out of it. You may even need to remind your kids, and visitors.

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