Rottweiler Puppy Health Care: What You Must Know

rottweiler puppy at vet

Rottie pups are no doubt some of the most attractive things on earth. Rottweiler Puppy Health Care is necessary for all dog owners for the proper growth and disease free puppies. Prevention is key to having a healthy, long living pet. Here below is some recommend advice so your new companion can reach its full potential. 

When preparing to bring in a new puppy to your family you need to consider things like unrestrained joy and a most importantly routine adjustments. Aside from the Grooming needs of your Rottweiler puppy. Creating a schedule and sticking to it will help insure that you and your new Rottie will be healthy and happy for many years to come.

The proper time to deworm

We have dewormed your puppy at two, four, six weeks and the day you receive your new puppy. Now it’s up to you to form a consistent deworming schedule.

  A worm can be contracted by the puppies from contaminated soil, water, feces, and also through certain foods, so this is why you to should make it apart of your routine to deworm your new Rottie puppy. Deworming your pup though out it’s life is very important.

Deworming is very Important, certain worms, if left untreated, can actually kill your dog. Worms have been linked to the reason why many dogs have stunted growth. You can buy over the counter dewormer which works great, just read the package and give the recommended dosage. There are several types of this medicine some can be administered to the puppy in the form of a liquid or pill. However, there are certain types of worms that you need a veterinarian prescription for.

When to vaccinate

Your new puppy will come with at least the first set of shots. The rest is up to you.

The vaccination schedule for the pup is for every four weeks starting at 6 weeks until they reach at 18 weeks old. So your next vaccination due date is at 10 weeks.

Vaccinations can be purchased at local feed stores or places like tractor supply. Although there is some question as to their effectiveness since they must be stored properly. The best immunizations to be administered is given by the veterinarian.

We highly recommend not bringing your new puppy into public places until he or she has had their 18 week shots. We also highly recommend not letting your new pup down at the vets office. Use some sort of portable cage or carry the puppy in. Don’t let your puppy down in places where there may be a chance of it picking up a sickness.

When to get Rabies shots

This shot must be given by a licensed professional. The First vaccination is sixteen weeks but may vary by state, while the booster shots are 12 to 36 months.

Rabies is one of the commonest viral diseases of mammals that affects the central nervous system, resulting in headache, hallucinations, anxiety, drooling, paralysis, and eventually death.

Rabies most often spread through the bite of a rabid animal.  If not promptly treated within hours of infection, death is inevitable.

When to start Heartworm prevention in puppies

Heart worms is very serious and can kill your awesome Rottie.

Puppies are easily susceptible to heart-worms and can easily be infected this is also true for adult dogs. If you have a dog that’s not on heart worm prevention talk to your vet. Prevention is much cheaper than than fixing a problem. 

Puppies as young as six to eight weeks of age should be protected from Heartworm infection. The actual age at which you can begin the prevention of Heartworm in your pup can be determined by the actual medication you select and also your pups weight. You should definitely have your pup on heart worm prevention by the age of sixteen weeks old. It is very essential that you increase the dosage of the medication as your pet grows. Also, the instructions on the package should be cautiously followed. This can be confusing so when you are at your pups health check don’t hesitate to ask the vet what he thinks.

When should the puppies were taken to the vet

Part of your Rottweiler Puppy Health Care We highly recommend taking your new Rottweiler puppy to the vet for all his or her vaccinations, rabbis, heart worm prevention and speak with your vet about regular checkups.

taking puppies to the vet

A checkup examination is a regular visit where your puppies will be taken to a vet so he can analyze the health of the dog, speak to your vet about exercise requirements, ask some questions about the puppies weight gain and concerning his appetite and proper nutrition. Your puppy should not be overweight

Your puppies should be taken for a regular visit to your vet right from the time you receive the puppy. Also, schedule for your yearly booster shots.

All puppies should be given booster shots

All puppies should at least be vaccinated against rabies, hepatitis, parvovirus, and distemper and they should receive a booster shot every year. There are several other vaccinations that vets often recommend so please speak with a vet in your area. If you need further guidance for your precious Rottweiler Puppies Health Care check out this link Your Complete Guide to First-Year Puppy Vaccinations

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