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Tongue unlike Rottweiler other dogs and living things possess this organ. It is an important organ that dogs use in licking and panting. The tongue is a long, versatile and muscled organ which is attached to the back of the mouth by the basihyoid bone.

The upper part of the tongue is covered with five types of tiny mushroom shaped (papillae and pores) which leads to the taste buds. And the remaining parts consist of small bundles of muscle, fatty tissue and connective tissue. Rottweilers possess lots of blood vessels which causes excessive bleeding when cut. 

Tongue Problems

Disorder in your Rottie tongue can arises from a primary or secondary condition. Some symptoms of the tongue disorder can be excessive drooling, bloody discharge, abnormal chewing motion, reluctance to eat or bad smell and odor coming from the mouth.

Ulceration is another disorder which occurs due to systemic diseases such as cancer or kidney failure. This can also occurs as a strange or mysterious issue known as eosinophilic stomatitis.

Glossitis is known as inflammation of the tongue which occur alone or in a combine form with stomatitis, cheilitis, or gingivitis.  Some of the causes of this inflammation are exposure to toxic chemicals or plants, viral or bacterial infections, foreign body ingestion, metabolic disease immune mediated disease and nutritional disorders.

Squamous cell carcinoma can be seen as a malignant and particularly invasive tumor which takes hold of the scale like cells of the epithelium. This is located beneath the tongue. Symptoms of these in your dogs include drooling, weight loss, and bad breath and loose of teeth. The cause is unknown therefore visit your veterinarian with the history of the signs or symptoms.

Ways to treats Rottweiler tongues

  • Check for the presence of bumps within the oral cavity
  • The tongue should not be coated, and also look for lumps, growths or raised areas.
  • The tongue is used famously to determine the well being of the dog body.

Functions of the tongue

  1. Bringing food and water along with a sense of taste while eating and drinking is the main purpose of the tongue. The tip of the tongue has great ability to lap and taste water. Chewing and swallowing are also done by the tongue.
  2. Rottweilers are known to clean and lick sore spots on its body using his tongue. As it is helpful for the female’s Rottie to groom their puppies and stimulate urination and defecation. It is also use in cleaning wound and irritations on his body.
  3. The tongue regulates the body temperature, as it allowed air passing back and forth when the dog pants. This cools down the body which make saliva evaporates from the mouth.
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