Rottweilers Make Better Therapy Dogs

therapy dog

What to look for in finding the Best Therapy Dog Breeds? First, we should know what a therapy dog is? A therapy dog is a dog with his owner that does work as a volunteer such as in schools, hospitals, nursing homes or with ill persons. A therapy dog is meant to bring psychological or physiological therapy to other people besides the handler. So there is a difference between a therapy dog and a service dog. A service dog helps his/her owner in different works like guides his blind owner or helps his mentally or physically ill owner.

Rottweiler as the best therapy dog breed

Despite their bad reputation in public, European Rottweilers are quite friendly and docile animals. They are ill-reputed due to the misbehavior of their own owners. However, Rottweilers love people and they love the attention that they get as a therapy dog. Which makes them perfect for use of a therapy dog.

Recent Studies

Many recent studies show that proper training of a Rottweiler can create love and affection for ill and physically inadequate people in Rottweiler. A Rottweiler can also help persons undergoing physical therapy and convalescence. The dog can provide different kind of attractions’ that contributes a positive light to the healing process in man. This all is due to human interaction with animals which is natural and specifically for dogs which are the best companion of human. You can also train a young adult Rottweiler to be a therapy dog. Rottweilers are easy to train so don’t think that you have to start when the dog is a puppy.

Training of Rottweiler

Rottweiler are highly intelligent and can be the best therapy dog out of all breeds with training. Like all other dogs which are commonly used as therapy dogs, Rottweilers also need training before being used as a therapy dog. They can be trained by professional trainers or by the owner. They can easily become a therapy dog because they only need a little attention, care and love. How do I get my dog to be a Therapy Dog?

Rottweiler as a therapy dog in hospitals

Rottweilers make great hospital therapy dogs

Rottweiler can become the best companion of ill people in hospitals. Such people could benefit with having a Rottweiler to spend time with, since Rottweilers love to please people they will enjoy the attention which makes them one of the best breeds to have as a therapy dog. Also, they can help those people who are not able to walk due to some health or injury factors. They can help in this regard due to their huge size, strength and patience.

Rottweiler as a therapy dog in Schools

Rottweilers make great school therapy dogs

Rottweilers are calm, well mannered and eager to please which makes them perfect for helping students in schools. Rottweilers are big dogs so you won’t have to really worry about a kid accidentally hurting the dog. Since rots love attention just as much as a kid the children who love to play with them. Rottweilers can be the best therapy dogs for them.

Therapy service of Rottweiler for ill persons

A well-trained Rottweiler can be the best therapy dog for a mentally or physically ill person. This is due to their body strength, intelligence, and friendly behavior toward humans. They can not only help the mentally ill person, bringing a therapy dog into a sometimes tense situation can help all those involved. A Rottie can help other people better interact with mentally ill. It’s much easier to approach mental ill person if they have a pet dog around. It will help them relax and communicate. In some cases the physically ill person can be helped by the Rottweiler by helping them in doing different tasks that they are not able to do without the help of some other person (due to their body size and strength). They can also help injured people.

Rottweiler’s Therapy in Nursing Homes

Rottweilers make great nursing home therapy dogs

Rottweiler in nursing homes can be a great therapy dog because people in this type of situation may just need someone who not only spends time with them but also, can help them in different works. Usually, there are old people in nursing homes sadly sometimes they are forgotten or have no loved ones to come visit them and they want the attention of someone and Rottweilers also need the same thing. In this way, there becomes a strong relationship between a man and a Rottweiler. Elderly people won’t have to bend over to pet and interact with the large Rottweiler so in this way it is helpful to have big dogs.

Get started.

Owners of Rottweilers who want to use their dogs as therapy dogs can help the different organization in different welfare works. They can also use their dogs in charity work. They can be the best therapy dogs due to their big size, kind nature, and attraction toward people. Would you like to register your dog as a therapy dog?

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