What To Do If Your Dog Gets Lost

dog in the woods

1: Technology has helped pet owners to overcome this issue significantly in recent years. Microchipping dogs for a lifetime would better help you track down your dog in case it gets lost.

2: Start you search from the places where you have taken your dog regularly. Thoroughly search every nook & corner of your house before contacting local authorities. Extend your search into neighbor houses and neighborhood.

3: Immediately contact your local council or animal shelter and provide them with appropriate information of your dog. File a loss report and stay in touch with all the rescue organization in town. Contacting nearby Kennels could also be one good option. Check within a 60 mile radius.

4: To be at the safe side, visit all the vets in town and drop your contact details with them. Humbly ask them to check their previous records to see whether any dog sharing same characteristics of yours could have been bought there in the meantime. A picture of your dog can help.

How to find a lost dog

5: Use your social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, snapchat etc. to let your friends & family know about your lost dog. Ask them to reshare your post and if possible, offer reward. Put up a picture and other noteworthy description. The search must not be limited to your social media; rather you can give ad in local pages or other interactive platforms which could expedite your search activities.

6: Print good quality posters or flyers with visible picture and details of your dog. Distribute it in neighborhood, parks, and grocery stores etc. Mention your details, dog description, reward (if any), the area where dog was last seen. Don’t forget to put your contact information

7: If you are suspicious that your dog is stolen then after the necessary personal search; file a complaint with the police. Share every possible detail and request your town police to check up all the camera recordings in town and report you the progress from time to time. Do any of your neighbors have security cameras?

8: Reaching out to dog owners in neighborhood who own opposite gender dogs; must also in your cards as dogs sometimes get distracted by a female in heat.

9: You may consider your dog important part of your daily life. They are so cute that they bring much happiness and affection in your everyday hectic life. If they lost then try all possible avenues to search them. Just do not skip a meal or cry. Remember even though you may truly like your dog your family and friends are most important. Don’t let a lost dog ruin your life. Visit our main page to find other helpful post

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