What’s The Difference Between AKC & CKC

akc and ckc

Difference between AKC and CKC

If you own a dog or you are thinking of getting a new puppy, then this requires all sorts of responsibility including feeding, washing and walking it once you have him. But one thing that most new dog owners miss is registering your dog. One main reason for registering your new Puppy is so that you can enter the dog into shows.  Both AKC and CKC have shows nation wide. CKC headquarters Is located in Louisiana and that’s where they concentrate a lot of their shows. So most southerners like to register their puppy with CKC. Ignorer to have many more options to show their dogs at local events.

Both of the companies we will look at, keep a registry of dog breeds and perform inspections of their breeders on occasions. Here at Mississippirottweilers.com we have been inspected by AKC and scored a 100 which is very rare. They also check for the dog breeders have papers and will perform DNA inspections of kennels and check the cleanliness and the conditions are up to standard. They also help dog owners registry their new puppy and help with the ownership of the canine. 

So let’s take a little look at these two different registering companies and see how they compare to each other: continental kennel club and American kennel club. 

About American Kennel Club

American kennel club is a company spanning 135 years. It has a registry which includes 150 of purebred dog pedigrees in the United States. In addition to the record, it also promotes and runs special events for thoroughbred dog pedigrees.


The American kennel club or AKC for sort is one the most significant registry of pedigrees dogs in the U.S, plus it’s the only non-profit registry. 

If you want to register your dog with this company, the dog’s parents must have been registered with AKC as the same breed. But if the dog’s parents weren’t registered may be able to get the dogs registered if the as some exceptions can be made.

AKC also runs a program called Canine Good Citizen. The program tests the dogs for its breed type, including mixed breed, if it is registered or not, for basic behavior and the dogs. 

Registration package

If you decide to register with AKC, then they offer a registration package which includes a number of things. You’ll be able to access AKC’s Canine Care package. 

These include many different essential resources and services available to you and your dog throughout every stage of its life.

This package comes with:

  • Up to $1,500 of insurance coverage free for 30 days
  • First FREE vet appointment in the AKC’s Veterinary Network
  • Your dog’s own collar tag with yearly protection
  • Live training and support helpline, with advice from expert trainers 
  • Plus loads more

The AFC also has donated well over $37 million for canine health research and $7 million for pet disaster relief. 

Continental kennel club

The Continental kennel club or CKC for short is another company that specializes in registering purebreds dogs. Its database is larger than AKC with 450 purebred dogs on file.

The organization itself is made up of educated pet owners, experienced dog breeders and professional dog training experts. 


The company is created in 1991 by a small group of dog breeders. The CKC has always provided both breeders and dog owners with a high-quality registration service. 

They offer a range of registration solutions and products. One of the main ideas behind CKC is it is dedicated to improving the dog breeds health and quality their lives.

 CKC breed standards are high, and they look for quality, but they don’t mind owners or breeders moving away from breeding that has had a bad effect on the dog’s health over the decades.

The package includes:


You will receive an official certificate proving that you are the owner of the dog. 


CKC will send you information and assist you with any dog-related issues


You can get discounts and special offers on the companies website

  • Plus load more 


  • The American Kennel Club started in 1880. The CKC was created in 1991.
  • The AKC has 150 dog breeds on file while CKC has 450 dog breeds on file.
  • The AKC charges for both the registration of puppies and dogs. While the CKC only charges for the registration of dogs.
  • The AKC allows for the registration of dogs, which already have had their parents registered with them. But it’s much more complicated with the CKC.


The ACK and CKC both provide a registry service for hundreds of purebred dog breeds. While both of the companies do the same thing, as register dog breeds, they do it in different ways.

All that matters at the end of the day is that you register your dog, so that if the worst happens, such as you lose him or he gets ill. There is someone there for you to get in touch with who can help you. 

Both of the companies have attractive packages, and it’s up to you which you prefer at the end of the day.

So one company vs another doesn’t matter. The only thing that matters is finding a quality trusted breeder, and a dog that you are willing to care for and love until the day they die.

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