Why Do Dogs Rub Their Butts On The Ground

dog In grass

Why do dogs rub their bottoms on the ground?

A very common sight a owner may see is their dog rubbing their bottom on the ground. Which could be because of following reasons:

1: Anal gland: Most common cause for a dog to rub its but on the ground is because of a issue with their anal sacs. Which contains a material which is released along with stooling. The pungent smell would tell other dogs to stay away from the marked territory of the specific dog. In short, the gland is very useful for the dog claiming its territory. But when it has issues due to any given situation it can released more than normal. This may cause an allergy in the anus of the dog.

Dogs won’t have any other option and would start sledging where ever it finds a suitable place. Whether it be grass outside or a mattress inside. Yuck! But dont get angry at them they are doing what works for them and its not a direct attack on you LOL. Also, sometimes, the gland gets blocked and because of the acute pain they feel in their butt they just rub it up.

Anal Glands Watch this video

2: Food: Have you experienced the after effects of eating extremely spicy food? Enough said? Same goes for dogs, when they eat something which is not normal for them then it may cause any sort of allergic reaction inside them. In particular when they release it through their anus then it might leave some sort of infection behind it. The food in this sense can also cause dog scooting. Research shows that dogs which are served more raw foods do not have this issue in particular or general.

3: Itchy Anus: Dogs don’t recognize clean or unclean areas when they are looking for a place to lay or sit. sometimes in particular they may sit in a place that is not environmentally friendly to their anus. They sit almost everywhere, and it is very likely that they sit at some place with more germs and dirt which could end up making its way into the anal canal. This is a real cause for discomfort in the bottom area of a dog.

4: Wounds or injury: Dogs are one playful animal so sometimes they may get injuries; both inside and outside. Minor cuts on their bottom would cause discomfort for the dog. Sometimes a internal injury inside the bottom would also cause restlessness for them. The dog would be appearing to walk in abnormal way and rubbing its butt as well as other body parts against walls or ground to relieve discomfort.

5: Parasites: When a Dog is having parasite issues it could cause the dog to have rub its bottom along the ground. They would be in search of peace, and do things haphazardly to bring it to them. Dogs that have worms inside them would not only face the pain inside their belly, but also at the end of the digestive system i.e. anus. For dogs, the anus would appear to an itchy skin which bugs them in whatever situation they are in. So, to pacify it down, they will start rubbing it against the walls, floor, or grass. Please visit our main page and search for more great blogs.

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