Why Do Some Rottweilers Have A White Spot On The Chest? All Red Mahogany Rottweiler Pictures


Rottweiler with white spot on chest is not really a rare occurrence. Find out why!

The Rottie’s Hereditary Origins

The white hairs on a Rottie chest comes from the Bernese mountain dog and higher Swiss mountain dog, which were crossbred with mastiff-type pet dogs to develop the first Rottweiler canine. These pets had white chests; as such, so do some modern-day Rottweilers.

white spot on the chest of a German Rottweiler

AKC mentions that rust or mahogany markings should not be more than 10 percent of the coloring of the pet, and a white marking any location on the pet dog makes up a fault in the show ring. Otherwise its perfectly normal and acceptable.

white hair on a Rottweiler full blooded purebred German Rottweiler

While white hairs are most typically seen on the chest, sometimes they can appear on the face and head. German canine clubs call for the disqualification of a Rottweiler in the program ring displaying any white markings.

white spot on chest of a adult Rottweiler

White markings on your Rottweiler isn’t a cause for concern regarding the dogs health. Some pure-blooded Rottweilers might have white on the chest, in between the shoulders, or on the face or paws. This is perfectly normal for the white spots to pop out every few generations or so.

In some cases, older pets will establish white in these locations. In these cases, the white is not a fault, it’s just a result of aging. The white on older Rottweilers will normally look more grizzled than pure white.

Seldom, Rottweilers can be born albino, all red, or with a “bluish” color. These are uncommon anomalies, and a blue or red Rottweiler is most likely a mix. Recently, We have discovered two different Breeders who had red pups. pictures below.

A red Rottweiler complies with all the type’s physical requirements, however, is all red or brown rather of having the normal black and red pigmentation.

A Rottweiler is sometimes called “blue” when the hairs of the coat are a lighter in color than the undercoat. This give the look of a general whitening impact that rinses the whole color.

Red Rottweiler Puppy

We now have pictures of a full blooded red Rottweiler puppy. The following is picture of two normal colored Rottweilers are the parents of the of the red Rottweiler. The red Rottweiler is next to his sibling.

Red Rottweiler AKC


White Spot On The Chest or Just a few white hairs? There is a difference.

Some Rottweilers have a couple of white hairs on their chest. Having just a few white hairs on the chest isn’t considered a white spot. A few white hairs on a puppies chest may very well be replaced with the proper color as the puppy grows and looses his/her puppy coat.

Having a white spot on the chest of a Rottweiler doesn’t mean that there is some sort of hereditary problem. Sometimes individuals mistakenly label them as being a mixed pet in spite of the reality that minimal white markings on a Rottweiler can be typical.

A White spot on the chest of a Rottweiler doesn’t mean that the puppy has inferior bloodlines. The most elite bloodlines still occasionally display this deep rooted trait. 

As breeders we want to improve the breed so we don’t recommend mating a Rottweiler with a white spot on the chest. Even though there is a chance that none of the puppies will have a white spot. 

A Rottweiler’s undercoat shouldn’t be noticeable to the eye without grooming or close assessment; with a well-bred Rottweiler, the coat must lay flat. If you plan on showing your pet dog, stay away from Rottweiler’s that have a white spot or if they have wavy or curly fur.

Quick points.

A white spot is no indication of health issues. The type or color of fur does not suggest the canine has a health issue. 

Pureblooded Rottweilers can have white spots.

White hairs on the chest comes from deep rooted genes. It is what makes the Rottweiler what it is today — a stunning pet with exceptional temperaments.

AKC does not disqualify a Rottweiler with a white spot on the chest but it is a fault and will most likely never place in a show.

Purebred German Rottweiler with white spot on chest

German Ring such as ADRK club consider white spots on a Rottweiler as a disqualifying fault.

White Hairs On A Rottweiler Face is due to older age.

This is a picture of a full blooded American Rottweiler with AKC papers.

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