Why Does My Dog Ear Grass?

dog eating grass

Why Does My Dog Eat Grass?

Your dog tends to go outside in the garden and immediately starts eating grass which might make you think that why is he doing so.

Well, This is a common behavior of dogs, almost every dog do this when they are outside. But, this may make you tensed thinking that will this affect my dog’s health later on?

In this detailed article, you will learn why do dogs eat grass and will it affect the dog’s health.

So, Why do My Dog Starts Eating Grass all of a Sudden?

There be many reasons behind it but the main reasons which are forces most of the dogs to eat grass are as follows:-

  • Anxiety or Stress or get Bored
  • Want to Chew
  • Lack of Nutrition
  • For Easy Digestion

Well, their could be one more reason for this which is they like to eat grass (grass is tasty) Don’t forget that dogs are omnivores, they always need some salad after having meat. As sometimes they might get bored with the meat.

Anxiety/ Stress/ Bored

Your Dog might get bored in the Garden or may become anxious because there is nothing to do in the garden except playing, and playing can only be done in your presence. The dog cannot play alone unless it has some toys to play.

Tip: buy Some Toys and Place Them in the Garden

Instinct to Chew

Sometimes your dog may want to eat grass because dogs have the habit of chewing something in their mind. Dogs love to chew whether it is something eatable or uneatable like toys. So, this might be a reason why dogs eat grass but actually, they do not eat grass.

Your Dog may eat grass due to Lack of Nutrient

This is the rarest case, sometimes dogs can suffer from nutrient deficiency and in order to full-fill the nutrients need they eat grass. 

Dogs may eat grass for Easy Digestion

Grass helps a dog to digest its food easily. Dogs have a tenor to eat grass to reduce gas or other stomach digestion problems like inflammation. They simply gulp up the grass toward their mouths and seldom they also swallow it. The edges of grass they gulp up will touch their throats, and on the way down also for the stomach lining, they do the same. This more a scientific reason than a general reason. 

Effects of Grass Eating

Now, after reading the reasons for grass-eating you might be thinking about how it can affect my dog, so here I am going to tell you how exactly eating grass can affect your dog.


This is a rare case because only 10% of dogs vomit after eating grass but you don’t need to worry about it. There can be mainly two reasons for your dog doing this.

1. Your Dog might have allergy with Grass

This a rare case if your dog vomits after eating grass but it can be if your dog feels sick after eating grass.

2.  Overeating

this is probably the main reason for vomiting 

The only effect of grass-eating by dogs is vomiting or splitting, there are no other effects nor health issues. So, if your dog eats grass, you should not worry about it. Rottweiler Puppies For Sale In MS

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