Why Dogs Lick Your Face

dog licks face

We all know that dogs are notorious for licking. Whether it is the face, themselves, or even other animals, dogs love licking! Why do dogs lick us though especially in the face? Is this safe for you and for your dogs or is there another underlying reason that our dogs do this? 

 Today, we are going to dive deep into this subject to find out the true reason behind what we know as a very sweet and loving act. Sit back and relax; and thank you for reading our pieces and giving us your support! Let us get started! .. Wait lets watch a short IMPORTANT video

Licking your face is a natural instinct 

This gesture of what we see as love actually began way back in the day. It turns out that wolf puppies used to lick the mouths of their mothers and fathers to eat any regurgitated food from their meal previously. This is actually how puppies switch from their mother’s milk to solid foods. This is fascinating to know that your puppy could be searching for food instinctively. This can be seen as a huge sign of growth for your pup if you have had them since a very young age. This action of face licking is also used as a form of communication between humans and other animals.

Could there be more to a dog licking you in the face?

dog licks kid in the face

When a dog licks you in the face It’s also very possible that your dog could be trying to send you a message of some kind. It may be that they sent something medically or mentally wrong with their owner. Your dog could be even telling you that they love you very much. Your dog could be trying to gather at certain information as well. Our furry four-legged friends have the special receptors in their nose and mouth! The special little receptors are there to Help process and interpret your molecules that are scented which can be found in our very own sweat. This is usually how are you Dog determines your mood, whether you are happy or sad!

Licking your face is a act of submission 

Another possibility is to show respect to you. Since canines are pack animals by nature, they follow and establish social order. Wolves and other wild canines do this with their pack leaders. By licking their face, they show respect and submission. 

If your dog is licking your face, he or she could simply be acknowledging you as the pack leader. Affection is another possibility for face licking. It is very obvious that your dog loves you very much. Puppies usually learn this from their mothers, brothers, and sisters.

Dog may lick you in the face because their hungry!

It is also very possible that your dog could be licking your face out of hunger. Dogs have a very good sense of smell. They can be smelling the food on your breath. As we discussed earlier in our article, while puppies or talk to do this to lick the regurgitated food off of their mothers and fathers mouth. Don’t forget species do this out of pure instinct. Doing this actually helps their mothers vomit a bit so they can get food. This is a huge way to beg for food from a pact leader as well. 

If your dog is licking your face, he or she may be hungry. This also leads into taste. You might taste really good to your dog! Our sweat as humans is rather salty to the taste and some dogs really enjoy that. Are there unseen dangers when a dog licks you in the face?

Other reasons why dogs lick your face.

You may also have a dog that simply loves to lick! My dog is like this and rarely ever has his tongue in his mouth. Licking is very pleasurable for dogs and can actually release endorphins that can give them the feeling of comfort and security. Dogs also lick you in the face as an act of grooming. Essentially your dog just wants to make sure that you are clean. Dogs lick to clean themselves, other animals, sometimes items or toys, and even humans. If you are not a fan of your dog licking your face however, you can always train him or her to not look as much. It is not dangerous to let them lick your face though. Works Cited The Nest, Pet MD

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